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KATE Cosmetics Spring Summer 2012 Collection

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KATE by Kanebo Spring Summer 2012 Colours are about a clear complexion and soft defined eyes.  This collection enables you to experiment and create your desired looks in a few quick steps. The products include "Real 3D" Eye Shadow, Mineral BB Gel Cream, Dual Liner, Super Sharp Liner, Art Dial Mascara, Deep Liquid Eyeliner, Shimmer Eye Shadow and Cream Cheek Colour.

For Spring Summer this year KATE's trend for eyes are a combination of basic colours such as beige and brown combined with translucent or lustrous soft shades. "Real 3D" Eye Shadow is created soft shading, lightly textured and contoured eyes. Each palette has five shades for getting the balance between light and dark colours to create larger looking eyes. The Glow Jelly contained in the palette works as a base before applying the colours. The effect they are going for is translucent and lustrous. There are instructions on how to apply the colours on the back of the packaging. The colour I have is PK-1 which is a combination of light pinks and browns.

First impression, shimmer packed! The texture is smooth and light. The glow jelly contains loads of shimmer and dries fairly quick with a thin layer. The light pink and beige shades are more shimmer than colour. On my eyes it just looked shimmery which I feel should just be used as highlighters. However the light and dark browns shades swatched well and are pretty pigmented. Shows nicely on my eyes too but that would make them just two other brown shades and they remind me of the cool browns in Urban Decay Naked 2. No eyes photos with this one as they looked like any other brown eyes I've done before.

To contour and define the eyes, the Dual Liner does the trick really well. It's one side is a flat-brush liquid eyeliner and the other side a blending tip. The liner is black and the powder tip is dark brown. It claims to be waterproof with sweat, moisture and is sebum resistance.

I like the concept of this liner. Instead of carrying around two products, I can just bring one. I'm not usually one for liquid liners and this one faired alright. The ultra thin brush tip makes it really easy to draw a thin line and also easier to adjust preferred thickness. The black is not exactly intense so it's great for a softer look. I noticed that it's not exactly waterproof because I noticed it washed out quite easily. The chip however I really liked. The texture is fine and it's so easy to smudge into the outer corner of the eyes and into the lower lash line. The intensity of the brown is buildable depending on the look you're going for. It's really easy to achieve the wide eyed look with this one.

To balance out the contoured eyes, KATE introduces a Cream Cheek Blush in 4 shades of pink. The finish is a soft luster with a long lasting effect. The colour I have for the cream blush is PK-4 which is the darkest shade of pink and I dare say the only shade out of the four that would show some colour on my skin tone.

I seem to have collected quite a bit of cream blush lately. This one from KATE has a fine texture and goes on quite smooth. It doesn't stain too badly on the fingers which is a good thing. It goes on sheer and is easily buildable. The colour however I feel is more suitable for someone with fairer skin. As for it's longevity, well, cream blushes in general have never stayed on too long on my cheeks. It lasted about 3 hours before the colour faded with blotting in between.

If you're a KATE fan this seems to be quite a few products from the Spring Summer 2012 Collection including the must have products, Mineral BB Gel Cream and Art Dial Mascara. The collection is already available in leading pharmcies with a price range of RM38-RM59. "Real 3D" Eye Shadow is RM 59, Dual Liner is RM52 and Cream Cheek Blush is RM44.

*Note: Products are press sample.

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  1. I like the look of the cream cheek! Such a nice pink colour. :D

  2. i like the cream cheek!!! omg i have a thing for cheek color dunno since when..

  3. i see the cream blush has fans! ;)

    laura: 4 pink shades to choose from, all pretty :)

    jean: i think the light shades will look nice for you. can start collecting blushers. ;)


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