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Beauty With Heart with The Body Shop

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Trust The Body Shop to be a pioneer in something so inspirational. They launched the new Pulse boutique yesterday at One Utama and there was loads to experience. I have so many things to share with you guys in this post - a new beauty movement, The Body Shop's new Pulse Boutique, a refereshing new look to the Body Butter, new Beautifying Oils, the first global brand ambassador for The Body Shop and the much awaited Cruelty Free Make-up by Lily Cole *so gorgeous!*.

The new beauty movement called Beauty With Heart is a beauty experience that is much more than skin deep. It empowers consumers to not only look good but to feel good and do good through using the Brand's products. You Look Good as a result of using products packed with the highest quality ingredient. You Feel Good through the sensorial textures in the products which comes from an ethical brand that cares about people, the planet and animal welfare. You Do Good by supporting a Brand that encourages and takes action to help others through its Community Fair Trade programme, Campaigns, commitment to animal welfare and its endeavour to protect the planet.

To experience and be a part of this new movement, The Body Shop's new store experience called Pulse allows customers explore the product better along with the support of the first global brand ambassador Lily Cole, model, actress and most of all activist.

The new Pulse concept is something fresh, exciting and inviting! I couldn't help but stand and stare for a bit when I saw the new store in One Utama. It's so spacious and I love the use of wood throughout the store. The wood used is responsibly sourced by the way. By using LED lights in the bays and reducing to 35w ceiling lamps, it reduces energy consumption by up to 25% compared to regular stores. Come to think of it the lighting effect in the new store is very warm and welcoming. It also has a bulletin board for you to find out the lastest updates and news on The Body Shop's global campaign. The new store also offers free makovers if you are looking for a change. I might want to change my look every week then. *winks* 

Meet the "Play Table" where customers get to play with the products!

The Body Butter didn't need a hit song to get famous, it just is! The rich creamy texture that deeply moisturises says it all. Plus one tub sold every two seconds just adds to its credibility. Not only do the stores have new looks, all seven body butter fragrances have brand new looks. It's as though they got face lifts! Loving the new look, it's fun and young. You have to wait a bit to get your hands on it though, as it hit stores 11 June 2012.

For the next wonderful update, The Body Shop gives you the latest beauty sensation, Beautifying Oils. The type you can use everywhere on yourself. Everywhere? Yes, everywhere. *Pitbull's International Love came to mind* This new dry oil can be used on your body, hair and face. Made from Community Fair Trade Marula Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, it restores softness and smoothness, intensely moisturises and gives you a healthy radiance. It comes in Shea, Strawberry, Satsuma, Cocoa Butter, Olive and Coconut. I tried Satsuma, Shea and Strawberry and my pick was the Shea. Imagine layering it with the Shea Body Butter, oh myy. Nutty at its finest. This lightweight Beautifying Oil also launches on 11 June 2012.

And now the one that you have been waiting for The Body Shop's collaboration with Lily Cole, Lily's Cruelty Free Make-Up. This strictly limited edition collection must be the prettiest from The Body Shop yet! Everything about it, from packaging to colours are simply gorgeous. I'm dying to go into the collection but before that let me just tell you why it's 100% Cruelty Free. It contains No Bug Shell extract to colour the products. The shimmer effect contains No Crushed Shell Fish but instead uses mineral mica and the binding agents from natural vegetable materials. The makeup brushes contain No Animal Hair so that the goats stay bearded.

Colours!! I have been waiting for this collection not only for its prettiness but because Lily Cole had a hand in picking the colours. Her unconventional beauty is so refreshing! Love her! As much as I would like to say they brought in the whole collection, they didn't. We will still get most of it though just minus the four hi-shine lippies. *sobss* So here goes, for a radiant glow there is the Pearl Radiance Primer to hydrate your skin and get complexion perfected. The Puff On Radiance is the cutest thing for radical radiance and luminescent finish. Shimmer cubes!! There are two palettes - 24 for an exciting sultry look and 06 for a warm earthy look. For added drama add Liquid Liner in Violet. The other cutest product from this collection is the Lip & Cheek Dome in either Pinch Me Pink and Crazy for Coral. There will be smudge charts in store to recreate Lily's looks. Before you go rushing to your nearest store, this collection will only be available 11 June 2012. One paragraph really doesn't do justice to this collection, so I'll be doing a separate post on it soon. :)

Trying out Browns & Coral with Shaza

Later tried out Purples & Pinks with Zul *i was being fickle*

There are also so many new products coming soon. Body mists, a limited edition peach shower gel, pore minimiser, The Body Shop Foundation lip butter, fragrances and BB Cream. Will update you guys when I know more. Looks like the second half of the year is going to be really exciting for us Body Shop fans!

In the mean time drop by the all new Pulse boutique at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Setia City Mall Shah Alam, Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya and AEON Station 18 Ipoh and more coming soon. Current store will also get a makeover as and when they are due for the new look.

Also check out The Body Shop Malaysia e-store which is already in full swing. Comes in handy when you don't have time to shop and need to restock your fave products!

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  1. Ooooohhhh soon I can just walk over to their new outlet!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!! Really free makeover no questions asked?? Or do I hafta buy something first?

  2. From what I understood, you don't need to buy anything.. Cool right! Just go in and ask. You have to try Lily Cole's collection when it comes out.


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