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MAC Tres Cheek Collection - Love Cloud, Modern Mandarin

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It's smooth, it's sheer, it's tres chic! MAC Très Cheek is another new limited edition collection for Spring/Summer and it features six powder blushes. Described as seamless, I want them all!

The shades I have are Love Cloud and  Modern Mandarin which seems to be the more popular ones. Love Cloud is a bright mid-tone pink with a satin finish. In the pan it doesn't exactly look like a shade that will give you a pop of colour and after swatching it, Love Cloud appears to be a sheer cool tone pink. The texture is velvety smooth. However I noticed with this shade, it required quite a bit of layering before it showed on my skin tone. Even with layers on, it's still seamless and looks luminous. It gives that soft sheen that looks really natural. A soft pretty shade for an understated look.

Modern Mandarin on the other hand is a lovely pop of colour. It is a red-orange shade with a satin finish. This one is my fave out of the two. It shows with ease when swatched. The texture is smooth but I noticed that it  isn't as velvety as Love Cloud. Don't get me wrong though, it still blends like a dream. Although it appears bright-ish in the pan, it shows beautifully on my skin tone. I think this works great with medium skin tone babes for an effortless pop of colour. The colour is easily buildable so it's up to you how much you want to be noticed. Both colours lasted about 5 hours on my cheeks before I noticed any colour fading.

Apart from Love Cloud and Modern Mandarin Tres Cheek also comes in Pink Tea (Neutral Beige Pink - Satin), Peony Petal (Bright Blue Pink - Satin), Immortal Flower (Bright Peach - Satin) and Full of Joy ( Lavender - Satin). It is available now at all MAC outlets for RM75.

*Note: Product provided for Junipers Journal.

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  1. Love Modern Mandarin! Tangerine shades will be on trend soon!

  2. I know right, it's beautiful! only wished I could have captured it better in the photo >_<


Appreciate your comments >_<