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Of Print and Bling

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Kicking off the week on a chirpy note. Okay there's still a few hours to go but it's practically Monday already. *boo hoo*

I'm in Female Magazine's May issue. Yayy! I nearly skipped the page because I didn't recognise myself *shakes head*. I did a review for them about a month back on L'Occitane's Immortelle Brightening Essence. It's suppose to correct wrinkles, evens out the skin tone and brightens the complexion. So if you guys are interested in trying out this serum flip through my review in Female. :)

Spent Sunday making more of those pretty bracelets. So I guess this would be Les Brilliants Part Two (and counting..). I'm hooked, which means there will be more. I'm thinking of semi precious stones next or maybe crystals. Pacific opal is looking very dreamy right about now..

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  1. Wheee! Congrats on the magazine spot, you look gorgeous! :) I love your bracelets, especially the purple + gold chain link one. :D

  2. Thanx Laura! :) Definitely more bracelets coming soon..


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