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THIRTY8 @ Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

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It felt like forever waiting for Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur to open its doors and it finally did today! As usual I'm always looking for new places to have desserts and I dare say that this is the first dessert review featuring THIRTY8's Signature Cake. Oh heck it's the first review of any type of food from THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur.*hops gleefully*
It did occur to me that the view would be amazing having a restaurant on the 38th floor but gosh was it ever an understatement. THIRTY8 has a spectacular 360-degree view overlooking Kuala Lumpur City Centre. I was there for lunch and with clear blue skies I could see for miles. Imagine what it would be like at night.
The layout is just so spacious with a great ambience. As you get to THIRTY8 there's a bar and lounge that greets you for pre or post dinner drinks. The restaurant features open kitchens offering western grill, Chinese seafood as well as Japanese and of course the pastry kitchen. How could I leave that out.

I had one thing in mind even before I got there. I was going to have two or maybe three types of desserts. As I looked through the menu, I decided on an appetizer and two desserts instead.
To start off lunch I had the Grilled Scallops, Ratatouille, Shaved Fennel Salad with Lemon Oil (RM50). Nothing more rustic than a tomato based vegetable stew. I was looking something really simple you see, so as to not "overwork" my palate for dessert.  The three luscious looking scallops were beautifully seared, translucent in the middle with a lovely juicy taste. Great way to start a meal.
Then there it was, THIRTY8 Signature Cake (RM25) which came highly recommended. I have been hearing ravings about it for the past two weeks. It  made a dramatic "entrance" to my table. Placed on stand with a glass cover filled with gas-like cloudiness. Alas I was so captivated by the drama I didn't manage to take a photo of with the glass cover still on. *smacks self*
All was revealed when the glass cover was lifted. A cylinder shaped chocolate cake, banana ice cream, raspberries served with chocolate sauce. Yes it was beauty on a cake stand. THIRTY8 Signature Cake is a three layer chocolate cake encased in a hazelnut mousse with finely chopped hazelnuts. It gets even better, each layer is a different treat. The top most is a heavy chocolate cake, the middle layer is a chocolate disc comprised of hazelnut and bits of caramel brittle after that came a dark chocolate disc then the heavy chocolate cake base.
It was a celebration of textures. It is a chocolate dessert which is extremely exciting to eat not only for the variety of chocolate tastes but also for the textures. It is nothing less than intense. *drools* The Banana Ice Cream was creamy and had great flavour. A classic combination, chocolate and banana. It just can't go wrong in any form.
THIRTY8 Signature Cake is Chocolate Cats approved and it's something that you have to try on your first visit.
For my second dessert, Lemon and Cheese Flan, Graham Cracker with Caramel Sauce (RM18). Since I decided take a break from full on chocolate I went for something less heavy, or so I thought.
When it got to me, I thought "Hang on a minute, that looks suspiciously like a cheese cake". *laughs* I usually associate flan with a pudding-like texture but because this was a cheese flan the texture was a lot more rich and creamy. Along the lines of a whipped cream cheese. It's smooth and I love that I could taste the tanginess of the lemon. The sweetness of the caramel sauce was balanced out by the neutral tastes of the graham cracker base, the crumble and the hint of bitterness of the oven baked sliced pears which was a welcome break in the flavours.
I personally feel that the Lemon and Cheese Flan is one to share especially after a big meal unlike the Signature Cake that you should have all to yourself. Biasness alert!
So there you go something for the chocolate lovers as well as the cheese lovers. I'm dying to try the tarts next so going back for another visit is a no brainer. In the evening perhaps to see the night view.
Wonderful first visit to THIRTY8. The staff were ever so friendly and I got quite a few suggestions on which dishes to try next not only at THIRTY8 but also the JP Terrace. Finished off my visit with a tour of the hotel. I have to say the Poolside has this amazing layout and design but you might just find me lounging around at JP Terrace. *smiles*
Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur | website
12 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 6am-11pm
Reservations: 03-21821234 or email


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  1. ah.. so fast you visit them already. Hotels in KL now have a strong competitors!! =p

  2. glad you like em... you should try chocolate tart (if it falls on tart of the day during your nex visit)... chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbet if you love dark chocolate and also the lychee & lime sorbet which is really refreshing... =)

    JP teres on the other hand, you should try our homemade pineapple tarts and chiffon cakes.. they're the hits...

  3. Jean: I heard the Signature Cake was yummy so I had to go as soon as possible. :P

    AaronQ: gosh thanks loads for reading my write up! i enjoyed the desserts thoroughly. :) i hear the chocolate and lemon tarts are a dream and definitely looking forward to trying it.

    keep making those gorgeously yummy desserts coz you guys are off to a great start! :)


Appreciate your comments >_<