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Fabulous Finds - August 2012

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There is no describing at how insanely late this post it. Reason being I just received my Fabulous Finds August 2012 subscription this afternoon. I blame it entirely on the courier service and the awesomely long Hari Raya break. *considering sending hate mail to courier service*

I'm pretty sure a lot of guys may have already seen what's inside the August box earlier because I have. :P But that doesn't mean I still can't be excited about it especially when there are two full-sized products included! Yayy!! Looking forward to trying out the Empro Brown & Black Mascara. The other full-sized one is Skinz Infinite Youth Recall Serum.

Another one to be excited about is the Jurlique voucher for 50% off any Facial Treatment. This couldn't come at a better time. One has to look good for September after all. *winks*

The rest of the goodies in the August box...

There's an exciting treat for you guys come September courtesy of Fabulous Finds. So stay tuned for it! Also a huge thank you to Fabulous Finds for the August Subscription. Looking forward to September. Fingers crossed it's even better. :)

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  1. I got mine on Sunday afternoon and I thought I was the last to get it hehe


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