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Fusspot, and Some Bracelets

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I finally got around to making a few more bracelets over the past few days. Been wanting to make more but I haven't had much time lately. The shambala style ones, silver beads with blue cord in photo, might be so last year but I still love them. Will make a few more of those. Managed to take a few quick shots in between errands yesterday. I realised too late that the bracelets shot wasn't too clear, but they will definitely be making an apprearance in future outfit posts.

I'm also wearing Levi's summer colour jeans. Not only is the colour lighter but so is the fabric. I had some problems while trying on the summer range because 99% were just too stretchy. I don't really do too well with stretchy ones due to lack of curves so I usually look for thicker denim ones. But these ones weren't too bad. I told the guy who was helping me out at the Levi's store, "Not so stretchy please". Tried on 6 pairs before I settled on this pair. I'm such a fuss pot, won't deny it. :P

Bracelets: by fatin | Gold bracelet: Massimo Dutti (a gift and current fave) | Jeans: Levi's | Top: Mango | Shoes: Forever 21

*Photos are taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats.

Coming up: Smaller pores might just be possible.

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