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Lemon Tart @ THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt KL

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Oh hello there darling, we finally meet!

Lemony desserts are another one that I go crazy for. Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Tart, Lemon Slice with Lavender sugar icing, Lemon Souffle, Lemon cake, as long as it's lemony I'm all for it. I haven't really found a place that serves a lemon dessert that I really fancy other than the homemade Lemon Meringue Pie by aunty dearest, until now...

Not only is the Lemon Tart @ THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt KL good, it's simply ace! I expected it to taste like a traditional lemon tart, a more tangy lemon custard and everything that comes with it but talk about being wrong about something. When the Lemon Tart and I met last Saturday, it threw a party in my mouth!

Lemon Tart served with Chantilly cream, blueberries and lime. Needless to say the Lemon Tart looked enticingly fab on the plate. Beautiful colours, especially with the finely grated lime rind adding that pop of green on the blueberries. 

So the base and lemon custard just melts away in my mouth. Just like the Chocolate Tart, it didn't require any chewing at all. Do chew the blueberries though, it wouldn't go down too well swallowed whole despite the size. The lemon custard is a tad on the sweet side with a hint of tanginess. But eating it together with the blueberries and lime juice, it suddenly hit me, 'Oh wow!! Now that's what I'm taking about!'. The lime juice took the tanginess level up a notch.. or two. The bitterness of the finely grated lime zest cuts through the sweetness of the lemon custard, sourness of the lime and the slight tartness of the blueberries. Not only was the bright tang of the lime refreshing, it was dancing on my taste buds for the longest time. The Chantilly cream gave it that touch of light creaminess it needed.

For a dessert that looked really simple, there was a lot going on there but it all came together like a dream! And you guessed it, another dessert that's Chocolate Cats approved. :)

For Chocolate Tart @ THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt KL click here. For THIRTY8 Signature Cake @ Grand Hyatt KL on Opening Day click here.

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumour | website
12 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 6am-11pm
Reservations: 03-21821234 or email

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  1. And you guessed it, another dessert that's Chocolate Cats approved. :)


    Nicely written, so this is how desserts should be reviewed! I only know, oh nice, pic here? nice pic. How much? hahaa....

  2. The phrase is very catchy isn't it? So full of myself! hahaha!

    For a fancy hotel the desserts are reasonably priced and for the awesome quality it's a sin to not charge higher. The tarts are RM25. Generally the desserts are between RM18-RM25.


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