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The Body Shop Pink Ginger Lippie, Sharks and London Addixion

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I'm off to the Asian Shark Conservation NGO status media launch today. Yes they are predators but they need protection too. There has been an increased decline of sharks in Asian waters in recent years. It's worrying! If you guys want to learn more about sharks and how you can help drop by Fahrenheit88 over the weekend. For more info on what's happening click here.

Today I'm wearing The Body Shop Pink Ginger lippie from the Colour Glide Lip Colour range. I picked this up along with the rest of my birthday spree last month at The Body Shop and I have actually been wearing it quite often. 

I wasn't looking for screaming lips when I bought this one so Pink Ginger is a great neutral shade with a hint of colour on my lips. The coverage is more of a medium than full for this shade on my lips. Then again my lips aren't exactly naturally light and/or pinkish to begin with. It can be layered though for a bite more colour. The texture is rich & creamy and does a good job at moisturising my lips thanks to the Community Trade marula nut oil. It lasts about 3-4 hours without munching in between. Colour Glide Lip Colour comes in 15 shades and retails at RM45. Click here to check it out online.

I'm also trying out the new L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art London Addixion Bouncy Wax (Limited Edition Styling Range) on my freshly chopped locks. It's been 8 months since a pair of scissors came near it. The tail bit at the back was already touching my waist. Insane! Okay so it's not 10 inches shorter or one side shaved off or anything extreme. I was tempted though. Kind of missing my short hair days which didn't require me to spend an hour on drying and styling. *sigh* I went for a trim, only 2 inches off. But for my curly hair it looks as though 4 inches disappeared. At least I look younger now. *laughs* I'm using the bouncy wax to add definition and texture to the curls. We'll see how that works out.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend guys!

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  1. first of all, i hate you for your crazy long and curl lashes!!!!!!!
    secondly, i won't know if you didn't tell me you cut your hair. 2 inch only!!! u see mine! LOL is the wax really good for curl? my curl dies alry, so flat and straight now.. huhuhu...

  2. since this reply is about a month later, your hair looks a lot longer now. lol

    i like the wax but maybe mousse would be better for your hair coz it's lighter.


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