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Kérastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus Launched - Hair Beautifying Oil

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After the success of Elixir Ultime, Kérastase launches Kérastase Grands Crus Oils a luxe hair beautifying oils. 'Grand Crus' refers to the best wines and champagnes in France made from the highest quality grapes. In terms on these luxe oils, Grand Crus means when the best elements (water, earth and air) creates extraordinary products because their situation is Supreme and Unique. The Grand Crus range is a fusion of the award-winning Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe and more beautifying extracts. Each formula is tailor made to specific hair needs, with the rich scents of each variant reminiscent of luxurious French perfumes.

Kérastase Malaysia Team

I just got back from an evening of getting to know the Kérastase Grand Crus range and I believe it could be a start of an exciting friendship with the oils. *giggles* Yes yes, I'm hooked on oils for hair since I was sent the Kérastase Elixir Ultime LE some time mid year (review here). I notice I complain about frizzy hair less now. Which is a good thing, pity some ears who have had to listen to my whining all these years.

I was treated to a wonderful evening by the Kérastase team. The best part was that I got try out one of the oils there after a mini hair styling sesh. The stylist from Peekaboo Hair Salon who worked on my hair used the pink coloured one which reminded me of liquid pink diamond. It's the Rose Millenaire + Oleo Complexe. Although it's meant for fine hair, and my hair is far from being fine, the reason the stylist used this one on my hair for the evening was because he wanted to get the natural look and not want to weigh the hair down too much. But he said my hair is more suited to use either one of the other two either for colour treated hair of damaged hair, gosh I sure it hope it means frizzy. For a touch of glam, I got to choose my hair accessory and I opted for a head band with a black flower. Not that it had anything to do with the use of the oils though. *laughs*

And so the Elixir Ultime family grows as of yesterday evening with three new additions. They look like liquid jewels in a bottles don't you think. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Les Grands Crus fragrant hair oils are formulated with the most presciouc extracts. It has the benefits of a universal oil by by blending the Oléo Complese Technology found in the original Elixir Ultime meant for all hair types which nourishes, deep conditions and gives shine to hair, whilst also being tailored to specific hair types. 


Scent: Infused with a delicate floral scent with hints of fragrant freshness
For Fine & Sensitised Hair

  • A unique rose famed for its exceptional restorative and regenerative powers.
  • Rich in Vitamin E and protects the hair from UV radicals.
  • Light in texture.
  • Floral & fruity scent.

RESULT: Fine hair feels regenerated, nourished and soft.

Scent: Evokes a woody oriental fragrance blended with sharp notes of citrus
For Damaged Hair

  • Enriched with nutrients from the renowned Moringa Tree.
  • Famed for its resilience and ability to concentrate the best ingredients in the most challenging climatic conditions.
  • Rich in Vitamins A & C with intense concentrations of calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Flowery and warmly scented.

RESULT: Damaged hair instantly feels replenished and nourished

Scent: Created with a soft floral scent, delicately balanced with invigorating fruity notes
For Colour Treated Hair

  • The rarest of its kind, this rare tea is enriched with the purest antioxidants nature can offer.
  • Free radicals have a damaging effect on the hair fibre and can accelerate ageing. By harnessing the powerful anti-oxidants, flavonoids and epigallocatechins hair is protected against these destructive forces.
  • White tea helps the hair remain radiant and glossy.
  • Light, floral and freshly scented.

RESULT: Coloured treated hair is protected, reflecting light and radiance.

I will be reviewing the Kérastase Elixir Ultime "Grands Crus" oils in due time. It's a toss-up between the one for damaged hair or colour treated hair first.

The evening proceeded with dinner in a beautiful setting. Such a wonderful way to launch these luxe air oils. I love the the way they did they flower arrangement which of course complemented the floral ingredients used in the hair oils.

Seared Port Lincoln Hiramasa Kingfish, Pickled Melon, Gherkins, Poached Quail Eggs and Mustard

Supreme Chicken Essence with Dried Scallop Ravioli 

Pan-Seared Herb Crusted Cod Fillet, Mascarpone and Risotto, Caviar and Chive Sauce 

Warm Chocolate Toffee Lava Cake, Light Hazelnut Custard

I had such a lovely evening! A huge thank you to Kérastase Malaysia for having me over for the launch! :)

Outfit Quickie

The dresscode for the evening was cocktail glamour. Since I had to rush from work and got there just in time, courtesy of road closures and terrible traffic, I decided in the morning to wear trousers. I got those from H&M, which was a real steal. Mesh top with lace edge from Topshop, embellished bib from Diva (one of my faves) and flower head band courtesy of Kérastase Malaysia. :) Who said trousers can't be glamorous ayh. ;)

The Kérastase Elixir Ultime quartet retails at RM138 each for 125ml. The Elixir Ultime “Grands Crus” Oils will be available nationwide at Kérastase salons from November 2012. For stockiest enquiries, kindly call our customer hotline 03-77271231 or visit for your nearest Kerastase Salon

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  1. Hi fatin...I've tried the Kerasatase Elixir K Ultime previously launched. Best giler...really works in smoothing the frizz... Noticed there's been a lot of hype in essential oils in haircare and skincare. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Jue :)

    Yes I noticed. Actually oils have been used for a very very long time to nourish and moisturise. Perhaps brands think that it's about time to bring back natural oil based products for hair and skin. I find that it does moisturise a lot faster. With hair, oils work better from my frizzies compared to various types of serums I've used before. I love the Kerastase Elixir Ultime too! It works wonders.
    But when it comes to oils in skincare though I don't really fancy it much. For use on body is great but for the face it just makes me breakout like crazy. It's the oily skin syndrome. Though I hear it works great for those with dry skin.
    Wait for my Grands Crus review for frizzy hair okay. We'll see how it works then you might want to try that too. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<