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Xixili's Love My Life 2012 Campaign

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It's the tenth day into Pink October ladies, have you been giving yourselves regular breast self-examinations? If you have been lax about it, now is a good time to start doing it again. Early Detection Saves Lives!

I attended Xixili's Love My Life: A High Tea Party 2012 last week and after the Breast Cancer Awareness Talk by Dr Azlina (Breast Care and Surgeon at Pantai Hospital) it really does give you a jolt to be ever more diligent in your monthly breast self-examinations. 

Xixili's Love My Life Project has prevailed over the past 7 years advocating the "BSE I Have ✓ It" campaign with a primary goal to promote breast cancer awareness and to encourage women of all ages to practice monthly Breast Self-Examinations (BSE).

Dr Azlina's talk was a truly informative one starting from the very basics of explaining what cancer is, the risk factors, how to perform a BSE, myths and misconceptions, hot to prevent complications, knowing your rights as a patient with a breast problem as well as images of what breast cancer looks like. The images were really painful to look at but that is when reality hits you. I did not take photos of the images as they were of Dr Azlina's patients and would be unethical for me to show it here. But I will share with you ladies some important info on Breast Cancer Awareness.

What is cancer?
  • Groups of cells with uncontrolled growth, invade and spread
  • Can affect people of all ages; in Breast Cancer is usually above 40 years old but women as young as 17 have been reported. Men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer (1%)
  • Caused by abnormalities in genetic materials of cells

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
Female, Age, Genetics, Early Menarche - younger than 10 years old, Late Menopause - above 50 years old, Never Breastfed and Never Pregnant, Prolonged intake of oral contraceptives, Prolonged intake of Hormone Replacement Therapy, Smoking, Alcohol

Where to get more info?
  • Cancer Sepcialists
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines - Management of Breast Cancer Malaysia - November 2012
  • Jabatan Kesihatan Awan, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
  • National Specialists Register in Malaysia

Xixili also taught guests a thing or two about choosing the perfect fit bra. Did you know that 80% of women in the world are wearing the wrong size bra! Well that's what the slide said. The right fit will guarantee a boost in confidence, comfort and make you look slimmer. 

The Envy Collection is developed with a super light high performance fabric, will instantly tone up all your underarm flab, giving you a slimmer and sleeker silhouette. It also centralises  outward parting breasts. It come in black, skin, fuchsia and dark purple and retails at RM139.90.

The Elisa Collection is all about lace and leopard prints taking cue from this season's hottest print. It's made from ultra rich fabrics and comes in various styles. Pieces from this collections retails between RM56.90 - RM149.90.

The Yesenia Collection is about nature inspired glamour. Contrasting hints of olive green and opulent red stand out against the sheer jacquard fabric. Pieces from this collection retails between RM56.90 - RM189.90.

PRIDE Foundation Malaysia a charity body that aims to enhance awareness efforts and to improve the accessibility of treatment of breast cancer, was one of the leading partners of the event. PRIDE also invited two breast cancer survivors to the stage to kindly share their inspirational fight against the disease.

Remember ladies:

Early Detection Saves Lives!

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  1. I went for medical check-up somewhere end of last year and discover a few small lump on my right breast. I was refereed to the hospital for further check. Relieved that its only meat lump and it happens to most ppl. I had the most long dreadful day of the day while waiting for the result. Kudos for the survivors who went through such an ordeal and survive!!! You guys are amazing!!!

  2. The survivors are truely amazing!! Such strong women!

    And I'm glad to hear that the lumps you found were nothing serious. Remember the monthly BSE. :)


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