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My "Make Your Own Havaianas" Design

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I have had such a packed few days that I haven't had a chance to take a breather. From lunch, supper and brunch dates, appointments, a warehouse sale, a hair workshop, two movies and some random things I'm dying for some time out and a cup of froyo with oreo crumbs and chocolate chips. *yumms* By the way if you guys haven't watched Looper, it's a super must watch! Especially if you are a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. Freaking loved it! JGL and Rian Johnson work so well together. I suddenly have the urge to watch 500 Days of Summer again. That boyish charm grows up so fast but never fails to make me melt.

Back to my "Make Your Own Havainas" story. I won a giveaway from Plusizekitten a few weeks back when she gave away 15% discount off custom designed Havaianas. I currently have two pairs and they are comfy to run around in and to have a third with my colours of choice and pretty pins were a welcome addition.

I really wanted to have one in orange but there were limited colour choices. So I chose a sugar coral sole, lemon straps, Swarovski Crystal pins, diamante dolphin and star pins and a limited edition Havainas gold pin. The pins usually retail for a higher price tag but was only RM3.50 per pin when I got mine done. My custom design Havaianas came up to RM129.90 after 15% discount. I was so tempted to get another pair but what stopped me was the fit on these custom ones. The straps are a tad longer than the usual ones so it flaps a little when I walk or it could just be my boney feet. Note to self: Don't walk too fast because having flip flops fall off or left behind would be oh so embarrassing. Still loving them though!

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  1. I love the row of diamante studs you put on the straps! :D My pair is also a sugar coral shade, but with light rose straps. :D

  2. thanks laura! i think the base that was most enticing was the sugar coral. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<