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The Body Shop Christmas 2013 - In Stores Now!

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Christmas is back at one of my fave brands, The Body Shop!! This year's star is the Ginger Sparkle, so you'll see the Gingerbread Boy hanging around everywhere in the outlets. Also making his first appearance is the snowman. As always, you'll definitely find gifts for every price range. But you guys really have to check out the Gingerbread Boy, Reindeer and Snow Man wash balls, beyond adorable! Just to let you guys know, The Body Shop Pavilion is having reopening offers. More good stuff there!

If you're into their LE eye palettes, this year there are Smoky Brown and Smoky Plum. I'd go for the Plum because it's different from previous year's and is completely wearable day or night. There are also combination gifts sets for the eye palettes with the new Colour Crush lippies.

Here's the best part, The Body Shop online store is having discounts for the Christmas gift sets! Can't get anymore awesome than this. Check out to see whats on offer. Better yet, drop by your nearest store! Happy shopping The Body Shop fans! :)

the new Pavilion store!

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  1. Everything is sooo tempting inside there kan!

    U are such a beautiful blogger... Nasib baik i found ur blog! ;)


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