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Godfrey Gao, SK-II International Brand Ambassador Unveils ' Crystal Clear Skin. No Compromise.' Event

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Looking through the photos I took at the SK-II 'Crystal Clear Skin. No Compromise' event, I realised there were loads of Godfrey Gao photo and not much of anything else. You can't blame me really, it's Godfrey Gao! He is also SK-II's international brand ambassador and the first male face of SK-II. If you guys don't know who I'm on about, which is impossible, Godfrey Gao is a Taiwanese-Canadian actor-model. He was also selected to front the Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-to-Wear campaign, joining an elite group of Asian models who are making waves in the global fashion scene. And his mom is from Penang! Who migrated to Canada.. but that's besides the point. He's part Malaysian people!

SK-II Malaysia flew him in last week to unveil SK-II's 'Crystal Clear Skin. No Compromise.' event and wow did he get mobbed. Side tracked... He basically talked about the importance of taking care of your skin, this applies to men as well and how he started with SK-II. He has fantastic skin by the way!

According to Godfrey women should not compromise skin care due to hectic lifestyles. He was inspired to look after his skin by his mother. "She had a skincare routine that she follows faithfully because it is important. Despite your hectic schedules and lifestyle, looking good is good for you as it builds your confidence".

"Before I started on SK-II, good grooming was always part of my life because I knew the difference it made in my line of work. But after my experience with SK-II MEN, I found that y skin achieved a level of vibrancy and clarity that I had never seen before. SK-I has not only transformed my skin, it has also given me a new confidence at work and in my social and personal life." - Godfrey Gao

SK-II's iconic Facial Treatment Essence or more fondly known as 'Miracle Water' continues to be SK-II's most successful product. One bottle is sold every 23 seconds around the world with over 30 million bottles sold to date. Its miracle ingredient Pitera promises to trasform the five dimensions of skin - wrinkle resilience, texture refinement, spot control, radiance enhancement and firmness power - to crystal clear.

Hope you guys enjoyed all the Godfrey photos! :)

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  1. *gasp* Do I live under a rock? I don't know who this Godfrey Gao person is!


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