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Philosophy In Malaysia

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So that was a long break albeit not by choice. I was fighting off the flu, fever and an annoying eye infection. Not being able to wear mascara is pure torture. Still avoiding any sort of eye makeup for at least a few more days though. The right eye and I are still not on the same page.

Anyways.. if you have been wandering about in Sephora the past 2 weeks you might have noticed that Philosophy is finally here. Yay! I attended the media session yesterday and have high hopes for the Microdelivery peel. I have cross paths with Philosophy Bath & Body in recent years but I guess I never really paid much attention to the skincare althoug I have heard so much about it's moisturiser. Shame on me.. but really how can your resist Vanilla Birthday Cake! If you are not yet familiar with Philosophy let me just tell you it's Hope In A Jar moisturiser has been on Oprah's Favourite Things list for 10 years.. and yes, THAT Oprah. Which basically means, you have to try it.

Philosophy consists of 4 chapters - chapter 1: skin care, chapter 2: fragrance, chapter 3 : bath & body, chapter 4: gifting. Philisophy believes in miracles, because when you believe, you discover the miraculous around you. It is a brand that approaches beauty from a skin care point of view. With it's clean, neat packaging and description in lower case it gets its message across with no frills. I actually like it that way.

Chapter 1 : When it comes to skin care, Philosophy believes  that the best cosmetic is great looking skin. It has a good range which addresses various concerns with awesome names like miracle worker, the best selling hope in a jar, purity made simple, when hope is not enough, clear days ahead, full of promise, total matteness, time in a bottle, take a deep breathe and the microdelivery. It's skincare is medical base, working closely with dermatologists and scientists. 

Chapter 2: Philosophy has five fragrances to choose from. Each fragrance comes with variants of bath & shower gels, scrubs and the sort. The exciting part about the fragrances is that they can either be worn alone or layered to get a completely different scent. You can choose from amazing grace, giving grace, living grace, pure grace and inner grace.

Chapter 3: It gets more fun with bath & body, vanilla birthday cake! My fave, my pick, sinfully yummy! There really is loads to choose from. Although I don't think we will be getting the full range here. Butter rum cake was part of the missing ones when I checked at Sephora.

Chapter 4: Gifting. Philosophy believes that it's better to give than to receive. There's a limited range of gift sets available here. So let's hope they decide to bring in more.

Philosophy products are priced between RM45 - RM285 and is currently exclusively available at Sephora.

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