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The Body Shop Virgin Mojito - Get Fresh For Summer

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A virgin mojito to quench that summer thirst? Oh yes please! The Body Shop has brought this Carribean favourite in stores just for you. Before you get all excited, the limited edition Virgin Mojito body range is a summer body cocktail which is skin-quenchingly refreshing to help you to stay cool all summer long. It has been created to smell like the real deal to get you through those hot steamy summer days.

I know I have said that I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop warm nutty scents like Almond, Shea, Coconut and Vanilla with a few fruity exceptions but this range though. It smells fantastic! The zestiness of freshly squeezed lime and the freshness of mint is just invigorating. One whiff of this and I went wow! I couldn't get enough of it. This is how summer should always smell like!

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito range comes in five variations. This zingy body cocktail is perfectly complimented by crisp and cooling textures. Serving up everything from a balmy Body Scrub (RM105), cooling Shower Gel (RM35), frosty Body Sorbet (RM72), indulging Body Butter (RM89) to a new Body Splash (RM105).

The body scrub is something different from what The Body Shop's usual offerings, it's like jelly. It really looks like something you take out of the fridge and eat with ice cream, though not advisable to try it. The scrub is light and refreshing. The body sorbet is one to chuck in the fridge for that cooling burst of moisture. The Virgin Mojito Body Splash is completely new. It is an new fragrance format inspired by the beautiful beach bodies of South America, a fragrance cocktail that you'll just want to keep topping up. Literally just splash yourself. Definitely perfect for beach holidays or if you just want to keep smelling fresh all day long.

The Body Shop Limited Edition Virgin Mojito body cocktail range will be available in stores next week. There will also be happy hour Virgin Mojito gift sets, so look out for that.

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*Products courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia.

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