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The Body Shop Christmas 2015 - "Feel So Good"

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Christmas has officially landed at The Body Shop! Don't tell me you guys haven't been waiting for it, because I definitely have. The limited edition Christmas gift sets have been in stores in Friday, so if you guys haven't seen it I have loads of photos from the press launch earlier. The Body Shop kicks off Christmas 2015 with the tagline "Feel So Good". Remember last year when The Body Shop partnered with War Child to fund a class or a child in war-torn countries? Well this year, The Body Shop has partnered with international charity, WaterAid.

You can't deny that despite water disruptions here in Malaysia we still seem to take having clean water for granted. Did you know that for over 650 million people across the world , access to safe water is not even possible and around 1,400 people die each day from disease caused by dirty water and poor sanitation. So this year, The Body Shop is partnering with international charity WaterAid to help transform lives through access to safe water. For every specially selected gift bought, WaterAid can provide a family in Ethiopia with one day of safe water. Check out or WaterAid Facebook.

Source: WaterAid Facebook
There was a water challenge that I had to complete at the launch and it was to experience what Ethiopian women go through daily. They have to carry 20kg of clean safe water and walk for an average distance of 6km a day to get home. I only walked a tiniest fraction of that and I can't imagine what it's like to go through that entire process day in day out. So check out what The Body Shop have in store and buy a gift for a very good cause.

The Body Shop also donated to the Malaysian Aids Foundation via the sales of condoms and also to MyCat. If you guys have not heard of MyCat, well they are doing all they can to save the Malayan Tigers. There are only about 300 Malayan Tigers left, the exact number though is uncertain. So what MyCat does is raise awareness and provide a platform to exchange information, collaboration and resource consolidation among conservation organisations. If you think there's nothing you can do, think again. There are so many ways you can help, by way of donation, you can also be a volunteer with MyCat, report any wildlife crimes involving tigers and tiger pray to the Wildlife Crime Hotline (Hotline: 019-3564194 or, and the easiest is to shop for Malayan Tigers products which include t-shirt, car stickers key chain etc. MyCat also organises nature walks to educate the public on Malayan Tigers, if you guys are interested, check out or the MYCAT Facebook which provides regular Malayan Tiger updates.

Source: MyCat Facebook
So now that I have told you about these awesome campaigns that The Body Shop is up to this Christmas, lets have a look at what Christmas 2015 is like at The Body Shop. Before I start with the photos though, check out The Body Shop Christmas Jingle Bells video. Funny stuff! The packaging for the gift sets this year is super gorgeous! A  lot of which are made from recycled materials. The new 24 Happy Days Advent Calender Deluxe (RM879) has made its way here, filled with a mix of best-sellers from skincare, bath and body care to fragrance and make-up. The perfect Christmas countdown!

There is a new seasonal scent this year, Frosted Plum, made from the sweet and sophisticated extracts of plum from the orchards of Turkey, magnolia and peony notes. Can you already guess what I about to say? It's smells plummy and amazing! The frosty line-up includes a Shimmer Mist, Bath Fizzers, Sugar Scrub and Fragrance Candle. Returning favourites are Frosted Cranberry from the forests of North America and Glazed Apple from the Italian Alps. You can either get the seasonal bath and body products in sets, which is great as gifts, or purchase them individually. Be sure to check out the Feel Good Tin sets for the seasonals. Super cute!

The new Black Musk fragrance gives out a dark mysterious vibe,  not only with the black bottle but the scent as well. I did a sensorial test with the latest Black Musk fragrance to determine the ingredients and I failed. I blame it on my partially blocked nose. It is made up of feminine notes of bambinella pear, intensified with pink pepper and bergamot. Deepened with liquorice, black vanilla and black musk accords, a good Christmas gift for the woman that exudes a sense of mystery yet playful at the same time.

The set that caught my eye is the Spa of the World Set (can't remember the exact price but is about RM700-ish), there's only a very limited number of this set in the bigger stores, so if want this set, find them in stores pronto! If you guys remember my review on some of products from the Spa of the World range (review here) I have all good things to say. Major love for this range! There is also the Oils of Life Skincare Collection (RM369) which comprises of the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil and the Intensely Revitalising Cream. You will experience more radiant, replenished skin with this set.

Apart from the seasonals, keep an eye out from Fuji Green Tea Ultimate Collection, Shea Butter Ultimate Collection, Italian Summer Fig set as well as old faves like Strawberry Sets, White Musk sets, Best Of sets, Honeymania, Mango, Satsuma, Argan and loads more. I know I highlighted the fancier sets in this post, but really there are an insanely wide range of Christmas gift sets that you can get for any budget.

Not forgetting for the man or men in your life, the sets comes in cool tins with vintage lettering and décor. I want them just for the tins! There's the Modern Gent's Activist Fragrance Kit (RM289) for the man who likes an adventure or two, or the Modern Gent's Shaving Kit (RM199) which is sure to make him feel and look like a star.

And I finally The Body Shop LE Winter Makeup Collection. It's about 'more is more'. Pile on the metallic and make a movie starlet entrance. Inspired by the shimmering 1920's and The Great Gatsby, the winter makeup collection is available in Grooving Gold which includes an eye shadow palette, Scarlet Starlet Lip & Cheek Doll and 3 LE Nails in gold, silver metal or gold metal and an on-trend nail colour in Burgundy Red or Blue Abyss.

I personally find it tons of fun to visit my nearest store so I can smell, touch, feel and feast my eyes on the gift sets. But if you guys prefer shopping online you can get a good selection at The Body Shop Online Store. For the fancier ones though, you got to get your booty off that chair/bed/cushion and check out in stores. Happy shopping guys and thank you loads The Body Shop Malaysia for a lovely Christmas lunch!
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