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In Clove September issue I read an article about Bella Skin Care's permanent hair removal using a new technology available only at their centres. Along with it was a contest form where I had to answer 1 question and come up with a slogan. I was very free that Sunday morning so I filled up the contest form from Bella along with a few other contest forms and posted it the following day. After that I totally forgot about it.

Last week I received a call from Bella saying that I won 1 of the consolation prizes which included a consultation and 1 free hair removal session. All I could say was, "Huh, what contest?". Lol! In the contest form I had to choose which part of my body if I had the chance to, to get hair permanently removed. I wrote underarms. Laugh if you want but almost everyone has issues there okay. So I made appointment to see them today at lunch. I did not shave for a week because they told me not to as they wanted to see the bits! I felt so uncomfortable the whole week! Absolutely disgusting!

Bella Skin Care Avenue K

I went to their branch at Avenue K at 1pm. The Consultant who greeted me was friendly, polite and professional. She registered me and showed me to a consultation room. She started explaining about hair removal in general. According to her the usual methods used to remove hair such as shaving, waxing, epilating, plucking etc is very abrassive to the skin. It may cause in grown hair problems, uneven skin tone and hair to grow more aggressively.

She went on to explain the hair removal method used at Bella. Its called the Depilux Hair Free System. Safe, painless and effective. Also leaves your skin satin smooth. It uses a German technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). What this does is  the IPL energy flows to the hair follicle therefore stopping new hair from growing permanently without any allergic reaction or pain. This will then be followed up by a Reconditioning Programme that enhances the texture of the skin after hair removal. But after looking at my skin and the texture of the hair, the consultant said I may be able to see a 10% difference in my hair growth. Though you can only see a vast difference after at least 5 sessions. Why am I not surprised..

Then came the sales pitch. The package she offered me was : 7 hair removal session + 4 reconditioning session + 5 maintenance session = RM3,000 (1 free session from Clove not included). Seriously this was a good deal. The normal price is RM 6,800 (Nuts!). Tempting as it was I had other more important financial commitments at the moment. I told her I will just go with the free session. She said at least have 1 follow up session to see better results. The price would usually be about RM450 but she offered me RM150. I told her no. Arrgh!! She said I could think about it and still get back to her by end of the month. She was not at all pushy about it though. 

My free session. I was brought to the treatment room. Like any normal facial or beauty treatment was given a cover. The Beautician started by cleaning my underarms then shaving it. Then she marked the area to be treated with a marker. She then started with the machine. It was virtually painless! All I felt was a tingling sensation and a little heat. The beautician told me the heat was meant to burn off the hair follicle so that it will stop growing (sounds scary).  That only took about 10 mins. The treatment area was very small ;p. After that she cleaned the area again, put ice pack for about 1 min on each side then some cooling aloe gel. I  cannot do anything that would cause any type of chemical to flow into the hair follicles for 5 days eg. swimming. And NO i'm not taking a picture of my underarms after treatment!!

Treatment Room

"The Machine"

Before I left the consultant reminded me that could come back and see her within this month in the event I decide to take the package. Tempting!!

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  1. so what happened?..

    I've never been into bella skin...

    i heard its pushy... like most of the salons...

  2. Well the consultant who attended to me was firm & polite.. Not in the least bit pushy.. She was very accomodating to my budget too..

    All I can say is the treatment worked.. I noticed a 15% reduction..

  3. hi..

    sound like interesting as at the end you are decided to take the package.

    Actually myself also a little bit curious & interested on this treatment, but just wonder don't know does it really work.

    So, after your treatment what do you feel? Does it really help? effective?

    It's glad if can have a little bit sharing from you. Thank you =)

  4. I wish I did take the package at the end, but no budget.. :( But definitely considering it in future..

    From my 1 treatment, I say it really works.. Coz until now, my hair takes a bit longer to grow back.. So if you actually go for a complete treatment I think your hair problems will be solved.. With 1 treatment I already saw results..

    So if you have the budget, you should drop by Bella & check out the package their offering.. If you don't like it, don't be afraid to say no.. U have the right to say no! :)

    If you do check this out again, wanna intro yourself? It'd be great to know your name.. :)

  5. hi,fatin
    hw does the cost IPL hair removal for the 1st time hair removal that i d0wan to take package?n hw much f0r the each treatment after hair removal??

  6. hi :)

    It should cost about RM150 per session and each session after that.

    But i'm not too sure if they will let you pay on a 'per session basis' because they will tell you its cheaper to get the package.

    I suggest you wait for a Bella Roadshow. Then you can try out the IPL for RM98 for first time customers only. The price may differ but this price i saw at their road show about 2 months ago.

    Or you can just drop by any of their outlet. Remember if you don't like their offer, you can say no or think about it first.

    I hope this helps.. :)


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