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Estee Lauder Double Wear Make Up Workshop

By 23:44

After the "Grinch" episode, the EL event quite made up for it. The SA and Make Up Artist were friendly and chose great colours for me.

Eddie, the MA who gave me my look of the day went for the natural yet fresh look. The bronzey natural colour eye quads opened up my squinty eyes, he trimmed my eyebrows too. And my peachy cheeks looked good enough to eat. Lol!

Was not too sure about the foundation though, it felt slighty heavy. I suppose he opted for full coverage instead of my usual medium one. Not too satisfied with the colour, it didn't blend in nicely with my skin tone (don't think you can see it in the pic, it looks a bit washed out). The foundation set was going for RM125 (the normal price) plus a travel size mascara, travel size cleansing milk and lip gloss. If only the colour was right *sigh*.. According to Eddie as my skin is oily, the make up should last up to about 8 hours instead of 12 hours. Skeptical..

After about 3 hours the make up stayed on (at least he wasn't lying.. lol!) but it started to look a bit cakey especially under the eye area. My skin's natural oils were dying to come out to see how the day was getting along. Oh well.. I still had fun!

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