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Quacky Run 2009

By 16:41

Passionately YOU is a woman driven campaign - dedicated to women's health and to celebrate all cervical and breast cancer victims and survivors' fighting spirit.

I woke up at 5.30am for this run! I would like start by commending the organisers for scheduling the t-shirt collection 2 days before (just like a competetive run). I actually got the size I asked for in the registration form - XS :). The green ribbon represents Cervical Cancer Awareness where as the Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness.

I reached Jaya One, PJ at 7.20am but the area where the run was suppose to start was still quite empty. So I did the usual go have a look around and take pictures. It looked rather cloudy, it didn't rain though. Great weather to go for a run. Eventually the area started filling up with participants. It had a Sunday morning outing atmosphere to it, without the picnic basket.

The run started at 8.00am. 4.5km took about 40 minutes. It wasn't exactly a scenic route but at least it didn't require me to climb up a hill ;p. I was handed a Certificate of Participation as I passed the finish line. By this time the booths were fully set up and I went to collect my goodie bag. It had Elken products, Style magazine, vouchers for food outlets at Jaya One, a pin and an Amber Chia 2010 Calender.

Met some cows along the way.. Lol!

The booths were offering health checks, lucky dip, food & drink samples under the Elken brand as well as some other games to keep the participants busy. I spotted some local celebrities from the Wacky Bar play organised by PJ Live Arts (PJLA) one of the co-organisers of the event. Amber Chia, Joanna Bessey, Gavin Yap & Maya Tan Abdullah were mingling around in the crowd.

I feel so short! :(

This sort of events are a great time to get your basic check ups done.I got my blood sugar test as well as my BMI sorted, which I've decided not to share as the results were ridiculous. Lets just say I need to eat more meat. Each participant is entitled to a 'Strike & Win' session after the checks. Basically you have to get at least 1 out of 3 ping pong balls in any of the boxes mounted on the wall to win Elken products. I got 2 in. But only got milk tea sachets, so sad..

Blood sugar test

I stayed around until 10am to check out the Capoeira performance. Some of the guys are really flexible. They were just twisting their bodies around and doing hand stands effortlessly. Some chics sitting behind me fancied one of the guys, couldn't stop saying how sexy he looked. Errk!

"The sexy guy" doing hand stand

Until the next charity run/walk.. Get your check ups done..

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  1. I wanted to join this run (but would walk only la) but didnt know anyone who was going. If i knew u were going, i would jump in n join you.

    Downside is that i would have slowed you down and you would not have finished 4.5km in 4o mins!!

  2. Well.. I must admit I didn't exactly run the whole 40 mins.. ;p But it was good exercise..


Appreciate your comments >_<