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Death By Chocolate

By 18:46

Whats in the box:

Location of dessert:
Just Heavenly @ Jaya One, PJ

Whats it called:
Death by Chocolate

What does it consist of:
  • Light chocolate sponge base.
  • Smooth chocolate mousse.
  • Coated with dark chocolate.
  • Topped with generous chocolate shaving.

So drool worthy.

"Spare me please.." said the dessert.

Too late. There's my mousse.

*Evil sneer* ;p

When to eat:
When you feel like having a serious chocolate fix. When you feel like drowning your sorrows in something or if you are just drowning. Lol!

What I think:
Overall I thought this was a good dessert. Though the mousse was a bit on the heavy side. But don't get me wrong it was still nice, smooth and not too sweet. If my taste buds are right I tasted a tinge of coffee to it. The bitterness of the thin layer of dark chocolate coating complemented the mousse. The chocolate shaving was dessert in itself.

Half way through the dessert I started to feel a bit sick. I love chocolate but this was a bit much. So either you share this with a friend or eat half & save the other half for later. Or by all means finish it on your own but beware the after effects..

There's a reason why its called Death by Chocolate.. *Grin*

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  1. oooooo... chocolate.. i like eatin that when i'm pms-ing! i usually dun eat chocolates (Coz not a big fan) but this one looks so good O_O

  2. Its ridiculously yummy! *drool*

  3. i love their Banana Pie!!!
    D BEST in TOWN!!!

  4. I've tried the banana pie too.. But i finished the pie before i could take a pic of it.. Lol!

  5. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! This looks so delicious but am too stingy to buy such expensive chocolate... ><"

  6. You have to try it at least once.. Its RM8.90 i think.. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<