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Glam Rock in Levi's

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I wish I could live in a pair of denims. It's versatile, it looks great, you can wear it with almost anything and the longer you wear it , with washing included of course, it just gets comfier. When I found out about a Style Your Levi's contest recently, I couldn't help but send in a photo. I wasn't expecting to get anything out of it. I figured since I always had a camera with me and getting me in a  pair of jeans is never difficult, why not.

I was inspired by a Rock Chick look. Then again I always am. I wanted colour and was dying to wear a faux leather waistcoat I got earlier this year. Sadly the waistcoat didn't photograph very well with this outfit so I switched to a studded one. Which I thought turned out pretty cool!

I wore my Levi's Slight Curve in Straight Cut, a perfect fit for my body shape which lacks curves *sigh*. To showcase the jeans in all its glory I added on a leather belt from MNG. For colour I wore a coral lace top from Forever 21. To add a glam vibe to the rock chick inspired look I had on a studded waistcoat from Forever 21 which I bought from Caron Boutique. I found out last week I was one of the winners of the contest just by wearing my fave pair of jeans. Awesome! ^^

P/s:  I will be running a GIVEAWAY some time this week with something from KIEHL'S. There are THREE(3) prizes to be won. So check back! :)

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  1. nice shoes fatin, where did u get it? btw, i think the rock chic persona suits you best =)

  2. thanx ayna! :) i got the shoes from Marks & Spencers during the christmas sales. of all the places right. but they do bring in the odd nice pair and that's when you just have to get it. *shopping mode again*

  3. Rock on babe! Loving the should start a lookbook!

  4. Jean: thanx jean! ^_^

    Traclyn: thanx babe! lace obsession. will give the lookbook idea a thought. interesting one. :)


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