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Discover Origins With Chocolate Cats

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I was beyond excited when I received an invitation from ORIGINS to the 'Discover Our Origins' session. One of two bloggers by the way. Hoorah!! Feel so honoured.. :) My first experience with Origins was a few years back when I was recommended by a friend their Modern Friction which I was very happy with. At that point of time all I knew of Origins was that they use natural ingredients in their products, that's about it. Very minimal.

a map showing from which parts of the world the natural ingredients are sourced from. it crosses continents, amazing!

origins new store at setia city mall, shah alam

I learnt loads more about the brand, the story behind it and what goes into the products.  Origins started in 1990 in the US and was launched internationally in 1991. Origins' mission is to create high performance natural skincare that is 'Powered By Nature and Proven By Science', which happens to be Origins philosophy.

sharyn wong, origins brand general manager introducing origins

There are approximately 500,000 plant species on earth. Not only is that too many to choose from, choosing the suitable one for a product must be a huge task. Plants have been used as medicinal remedies since ages ago, therefore it's only natural to use plant extracts in skincare to not only heal any skin conditions but also to firm and hydrate skin, fight signs of aging, boost skin's ability to boost its ability to repair and rejuvenate. Origins tests 600 natural ingredients every year - high quality therapeutic plants, 100% essential oils and certified organic ingredients from around the world  by "green" scientists to ensure we get the best for our skin.

soo of origins getting into the details of origins philosophy

Each ingredient is then studied, purified and refined through an earth-friendly process to ensure only the most active ingredients are used. Only the few ingredients that successfully goes through the process will be incorporated into Origins high-performance skincare collections.

Nature. Now clinically proven to repair damaged skin. Discover Make A Difference.
Rose of Jericho - One of the amazing ingredients hand-picked by Origins, used in the Make A Difference Collection to intensely moisturise dry skin.

Journey From Plant To Formula
So here's how Origins gets all those natural goodness into their products so that we consumers can use it and have great skin.

Step 1
Screen: of the 600 plant ingredients Origins studies each year, only a dozen or so are selected for use in the brand's high-performance skincare formulas.

Step 2
Identify: each plant's unique characteristics are "fingerprinted" with a detailed chemical profile and analysis of the ingredient's genetic composition and activity.

Step 3
Formulate and Purify: the most active constituents of plant are isolated & blended. Then the crude extract is refined & subjected to a multi-step purification process according to earth-friendly standards.

Step 4
Testing: Origins products must pass a battery of rigorous clinical tests that scientifically  prove their safety & efficacy.
Step 5
Our Purity Promise: Origins plant ingredients come from renewable resources that ensure protection of eco-systems, the welfare of the land and the local peoples of the community.

Origins also introduced a new member to the Plantscription Anti-Aging Collection which I can only reveal it in the next post. I will however tell you guys this, it's made from one of my fave berries. To think I've been taking them for granted. *laughs*

Origins products are formulated without Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, DEA, Animal Ingredients (except cruelty-free honey and beeswax). Origins tests its products on volunteer panels. 

random photo of me - polaroid is of me with my fave origins product, Modern Friction

To know more about Origins products go to and keep updated with their facebook fan page.

*Note: I decided to use the images provided by Origins as the ones I took didn't turn as good as these ones. *new camera alert!*

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  1. love the natural scent in their products but some of the cream are really too thick for me.

  2. just bought the zero oil range last 2 days. hopefully it works well on my skin.


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