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Chocotherapy Experience @ Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

By 23:18

It was a huge YES when the awesome people over at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care got in touch with me to try out their All New Chocotherapy! Chocolate dipped Chocolate Cats!! Okay not so much dipped but almost covered in chocolate. The super awesomeness would the whole of me being exfoliated with chocolate sugar scrub, intensely moisturised with sugar masque and moisture locked in with luxurious chocolate body cream. In absence of which I'll settle for my arms being pampered with chocolatey yumminess. 

My appointment was at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care in Bangsar. Dim lights, relaxing atmosphere.. after that wonderful lunch I had, I could have easily dozed off. Before I started my mani I was informed that I would be doing a spa pedi as well. Now how cool is that. It would have made sense for me to go for a double Chocotherapy but since I was craving for coffee, I decided to go for the Coffeetherapy for my legs. Looks like I was going to be the Mocha Cat for the afternoon. *laughs*

Lucky me they weren't having a busy afternoon, I had my mani and pedi done at the same time, felt so pampered. Before doing the whole chocolate and coffee part, my nails were cleaned and shaped first. Then my arms and legs were scrubbed using Sugar Peeling to get rid of all that dead skin cells so that the masque absorbs well. The Sugar Peeling mix contains micronised Morrocan coconut shell, macadamia, avocado and sweet almond oil.

And there it was... I could smell the chocolate from the tub. My arms were covered in chocolate cream mask. The cream is enriched with nourishing oils from cocoa butter giving it that yummy chocolate smell. Chocotherapy is perfect to destress and moisturise your skin and if you're looking to nourish and increase skin's elasticity and smoothness. Apparently it also activates fat metabolism. Tried so hard to not lick my arms. LOL!! My chocolate coated arms were then cling wrapped and heated mittens were slipped on ensure the moisture is locked into the skin. Almost smelled like heaven. Heaven would be if I were ever to be fully covered in chocolate. WARNING: Do Not Lick! Not Edible! LOL!

The Coffetherapy on my legs were.. well there was but a faint coffee scent. Couldn't possibly pull my leg up to my nose and sniff. In yoga class yes, in a huge comfy chair, just wierd. *laughs* I was told that the Coffeetherapy was for detoxifying. It improves blood circulation and has anti-ageing property. After they applied the thick coffee mask, me feet were also put in mittens. Mitten-fied! Looks like I came out of a sci-fi movie.

After 15 minutes in the heated mittens, the mask on my arms and legs were washed off and went on their respective creams. On my arms an intense chocolate cream that made me smell like chocolate cake! Some raspberry drizzle and I would have been good to go. On my legs, the coffee cream. My arms and legs felt super moisturised and soft after.

Best way to end my Choco and Coffee Therapies was colour! For my mani I chose a colour I had come across a month back but never got around to trying it - OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest  which is a deep purple with red shimmer, gorgeous jewel-tone!! and Golden Eye a clear base densely packed with gold glitter. It turned out fantastic! The colour for my pedi however looked alright when I swatched it but gosh I really didn't fancy it when I saw it in day light, it was OPI Affair In Red Square. It just didn't suit my skin tone at all. Needless to say my toes were colourless in a flash.

Loved my Chocotherapy Mani and Coffeetherapy Pedi. I don't get to pamper myself often because I seem to always be swamped with too many things. This was a wonderful treat! Maybe Amante might have a full body Chocotherapy in the future? ^^ Thanks loads Amante Nails Spa & Body Care!!

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care uses Anubis Spa products from Spain for their Chocotherapy and Coffetherapy. My Chocotherapy Mani is RM105 and Coffeetherapy Pedi was RM123. They also offer nail art but will charge accordingly depending on what you decide on.

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  1. oh nice....

    wish I could go (did i already comment? haha-- cant remember)

    I like the new OPI range with Liquid Sands. Have you seen that?

  2. omg.. u make me wanna do it!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love your nail polish for mani *good choice*

    dun like your pedi polish, red don't look nice on u .. >_<

  3. Wonderful pampered session!~


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