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Reebonz SPACE - A New Shopping Experience

By 14:19

So Reebonz doesn't just give you a luxurious online shopping experience, they also have a place that they call the Reebonz SPACE, a premium retail lounge. It gives you a whole different luxury retail experience altogether. It's perfect for those who want to have the physical shopping experience with a variety of brands to choose from. You get to touch, feel and model the bags in the mirror before deciding. That's always the best part for me!

Don't worry if you take forever to decide, you're meant to take your time. While lounging and deciding which gorgeous bag to get, just help yourself to complimentary refreshments. On the days when there's a party or an event at Reebonz SPACE, there will be cupcakes and bites.

If you're still have trouble deciding, why not ask for a second opinion. The super friendly Reebonz staff is always around to help! So there's something super fun happening at Reebonz Space this Friday and it's also a chance for you Chocolate Cats readers to get your hands on something so yummy and leathery. That's coming up tomorrow!!

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