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Reebonz 4th Anniversary Party in Singapore

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Remember my post a few weeks back about Reebonz 4th Anniversary Party in KL? Where I also had the PRADA pouch giveaway. The winner has already been contacted through email by the way, chosen via lucky draw by the wonderful peeps of Reebonz. To the winner, congratulations!! I'm jealous. :P

About two weeks back in the midst of coughing my lungs out (still am, going for an x-ray sometime this week.. again, darn you what may be bronchitis!) I was flown to Singapore for a second round of celebrations at Reebonz home ground (football much? lol). A short trip but a rather exciting one. It was held at the historic Alkaff Mansion which is this uber grand bungalow built around the late 1800 by the Alkaff family. With a very English architecture and wooden floors inside, it reminded me of my school. Had a nostalgic moment for a bit there. It has since been turned into a fancy restaurant. I was really looking forward to taking some photos and roam around the area but sadly when I arrived it was drizzling heavily. So much for a walkabout. And I don't seem to have a photo of me at the party. Wish I could travel avec le photographer (with). Oh well..

Reebonz has marked each anniversary by introducing something exciting to Reebonz customers. After a successful first year,  they introduced the mobile space and launched it's iPhone and iPad applications at the 1st Anniversary. The 2nd Anniversary saw the launch of Reebonz Mobil, a luxury boutique on wheels which was driven all the way to Thailand. In 2012 at it's 3rd Anniversary, Reebonz presented Reebonz SPACE and kwerkee which offers the most imaginative  design source. This year in conjuction with Reebonz 4th Anniversary, they launched Reebonz Vintage! *throws confetti*

Vintage aka pre-owned aka pre-loved aka second hand. Yes, someone elses stuff. I know some people have issues about owning someone elses stuff but it's a great way to own luxury goods especially bags since it's always great to change it around. Okay, that's a bit too much info since I'm suppose to do a separate post on this. *oopsiees..* Reebonz Vintage includes luxury bags, shoes, jewellery and more to come.

Reebonz Vintage

Though I thought the next day was the coolest! An exclusive visit to Reebonz Singapore HQ and warehouse. You must be thinking I've lost it. But seriously, it was awesome and no I didn't get to bring home fancy bag. *laughs..criess..*

love the work space for kwerkee

I got a chance to see what exactly goes on behind the scenes at Reebonz. From when they receive the bags/jewellery/shoes/etc, to the photoshoot, description tagging, uploading to the famous Reebonz site, the order, Reebonz special gift wrapping and how it arrives to your doorstep.

reebonz chic packaging with its signature gold ribbon

kwerkee's super cool packaging

Wished I could've spent a little bit more time in that enormous space where they store the bags. It was rows and rows... and rows of any luxury brand name you can imagine. There must have been millions of ringgits worth of stuff just sitting on the shelves! Loved being in there!!

i so wanted to walk down the rows!!

It was awesome to get to see the inner workings of Reebonz. Now to just get my hands on some delish stuff. Thanks loads Reebonz Malaysia for inviting me to the party!! And thanks loads Reebonz Singapore for the exclusive tour!

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  1. cool behind the scene experience, the mansion looks like something from Downtown Abbey, hehe =P


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