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Serlahkan Keayuanmu Campaign - Johnson's x Nurita Harith

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Long overdue.. finally got a chance to write about it. Some time in March I was announced as one of the Grand Prize winners for the Johnson's Serlahkan Keayuanmu Campaign. Pleasantly surprised but awesome nonetheless. My friends however were very confused when they found out since the uber feminine concept was so not me. But hey the idea of challenging myself to embrace something that isn't normally part of my character and succeeding is even more brilliant.

Johnson's Serlahkan Keayuanmu Campaign is a collaboration between Johnson's body care and designer Nurita Harith whose ultra feminine creations are simply fabulous. Together they came up with a look book with Nurita Harith designs that would portray the Johnson's concept. The shoot was with the celebrity faces of Johnson's - Neelofa, Megan Tan and Almy Nadia. You can view the Gaya Ayu Look Book here and here are some behind the scene shots from the fitting and the shoot. 

shot during the interview session

fitting at nurita harith boutique

yes i chopped off my hair for the shoot!!

with neelofa

with megan tan

with almy nadia

Had loads of fun at the shoot!! Thanks loads Johnson's and Nurita Harith!

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  1. You girls so hawt! weevit :D

  2. yuh jiun: thanks so much! :D

    ayna: thanks so much ayna! but i think it's the pastel colours effect. lol

    sherry: thanks so much sherry! :)


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