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Chanelling Beyonce For ZALORA X SEPHORA Celebrity Look-Alike Contest

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So here's my entry for ZALORA X SEPHORA Celebrity Look-Alike contest. I'm channeling all things Beyonce! I have always loved Beyonce's bronzey gold glow, her fierceness and her ability to move that booty. Queen Bey is gorgeous!

Why I love SEPHORA (in less than 15 words)...
"Sephora transforms my look, reinvents my makeup style, challenges my imagination. Sephora is love!"

I actually created this Beyonce inspired look at a bloggers challenge a little while back and I was very pleased with the end result. Probably one of my best celebrity inspired look yet. My focus was more on the eyes and the overall glow. I wore my lips a pink nude as how Beyonce usually does. To complete the look, diva hair.

And I even had a whole outfit to go with it.. gold sequins, I kid you not.

Which was inspired by this.. she's so awesome!

You can easily get the products I used to create the Beyonce inspired looks from SEPHORA via They have loads of stuff to choose from. And I bet if you browse through ZALORA you might just find some fab sequin pieces for the outfit as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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