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Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2014 - Wanita Berkuasa

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Definitely something you wouldn't usually expect to wear for Raya (Eid) but according to Bernard Chandran the inspiration for the collection showcased for Petang Raya 2014 - Wanita Berkuasa was from his clients who wanted to wear traditional outfits and yet look current. He brings traditional to the street but in a chic way with a mix of textures, fabrics and colour.

As Chandran wanted to make his outfits very versatile, the pieces can be worn separately and styled differently. You are able to mix and match with ease making it, making the 'Raya Outfit' worth the price tag. 

the first and third outfits are my personal favourites

the first two monochrome outfits just oozes street style, also my faves

Perhaps nothing says it more than a collection that brings focus to women empowerment and highly salutes ladies of our community, who lead, nurture and raise our next generation. The Bernard Chandran women are confident, fashion-forward, successful yet humble and extremely desirable. Modernising the traditional Kurung and Kebaya were among Chandran’s early interests - a fascination to constantly push the boundaries and not rest on the comfort laurels has led to evolutionary contemporary results year-on-year. Aesthetically gasping with an international flavour, this is the outcome of raising the bar in traditional designs and combining with cutting edge urban aesthetics. Tailoring with a carefully engineered cut and craft - precisely what Chandran is known for. Leather and linen are choice fabrics. Block and pop colours dominated the palette of the collection.

Opening your minds to something different. Perhaps some ideas for future Raya outfits...

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