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Tea With Lee Yeon Hee - SKII Brand Ambassador

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Recently SKII Brand Ambassador, award-winning Korean actress Lee Yeon Hee made a quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur to share her SKII #ChangeDestiny experience. She has such amazing complexion and the secret lies in SKII Facial Treatment Lotion.

“When I was introduced to the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence two years ago, the results were quick to see - my skin became soft, moisturised, with an even tone and crystal clear.  My complexion glows now and this gives me the confidence to go out even with only minimal make-up on. I am pleased to discover that by starting early with SK-II, I am preparing a good foundation for my skin in years to come as the Skin Destiny Study has revealed,” Lee said.

Preparing Lee Yeon Hee's tea of choice, Genmaicha Tea

In a new landmark study SK-II researchers have discovered an intrinsic link between long-term usage of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and better skin quality as we age.  SK-II scientists looked at women, the skincare they swear by and their skin conditions at 30, 40, 50, 60, and even 70, to unlock the secret to lasting crystal clear skin.   
  • Loyal Facial Treatment Essence users have better skin than non-users, with 9 in 10 loyal Essence users enjoying better skin than non-users of the same age group
  • Long-term users of the Essence in their 30s and 40s who started in their 20s had nearly 1.5x and 2.2x better skin than non-users respectively
  • It is never too late to change your skin destiny, as women in their 50s and 60s who started using Facia
  • Treatment Essence in their 40s still displayed significantly better skin conditions than non-usersLoyal users’ skin age remained in their 40s and showed no increase in major visible aging signs in their 5 dimensions in their 50s

SK-II Brand Communications Manager, Fu Shuqi said, “Our researchers have found the key to being beautiful forever lies in the use of our SK-II Facial Treatment Essence or ‘Miracle Water’ as it is popularly known.  The sooner you start using the SK-II Miracle Water the better your skin condition will be compared to your peers as you age.  We therefore want to empower and inspire women to change their skin destiny to discover a future of beautiful forever.

"We are happy to have Ms Lee visit Malaysia to share her inspiring SK-II story and her hopes for Malaysian women to start their journey to a beautiful forever.  She is a multitalented award winning actress and is also skilled in photography and singing. She also has a passion for leading a pure and clean life by taking part in volunteer work as well as working hard on her career.  Coupled with her crystal clear complexion, we believe she epitomises the image of the woman that SK-II represents.”

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence remains the only essence in the world with the power to transform the five dimensions of skin – wrinkle resilience, texture refinement, spot control, radiance enhancement and firmness power – to crystal clear.  It’s no wonder then that it is loved by its loyal fans as over 90% of SK-II loyal users agree Facial Treatment Essence is the best skincare investment decision ever!

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