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Lancome Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary with the Lancôme Make Up Artist Competition

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Lancome turns 80! Now that's something to celebrate. Lancome has been the embodiment of French beauty, that effortless chic from the beginning. Founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935, Lancome has since been the leading luxury brand in the world. For the past 80 years Lancome has come with creative and innovative products and collections that embodies the effortless chic philosophy to makes women's lives easier and turn makeup into a source of liberation rather than constraint.

Lancome Malaysia celebrates the 80th Anniversary with the Lancome Makeup Artist Competition

Lancome announcement of it's new makeup Creative Director, makeup guru Lisa Eldridge will allow the brand to make a strong come back in the make-up scene. I was super excited when I heard the announcement especially since I have been watching her videos for years. Lisa Eldridge built her success on approachable luxury makeup through over a million youtube subscribers and a loyal red carpet clients like Kate Winslet and Kiera Knightly. She has since produced over 40 tutorial videos for Lancome transforming heavy-headed applications to modern applications that ease everyday situations.

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To celebrate its 80th Anniversary Lancome Malaysia decided open up its annual Lancome Makeup Artist Competition challenging 7 of their makeup artists to a cutting edge performance in front of media and exclusive guests revealing 8 decades of beauty with a French Effortless Chic twist. I have had the chance to have my makeup done by some of Lancome's makeup artists over the years including the fabulous Zamri Zainol Lancome's National Makeup Artist, and let me just say, there's loads of talent going around in there. It was such a treat to see them flaunting their skills that afternoon.

L-R: Karen Leong, Nicole Lee, Nicole Yew, Naoki Chu, Pauline Chang, Alan Lim (Lancome Senior Education Executive), Elma, Zamri Zainol (Lancome National Makeup Artist)

Lancome's French Effortless Chic is all about flawless perfection complexion, unforgettable eyes and an enchanting smile is the essence of creating a beautiful harmony to enhance the makeup finish. The Lancome Makeup Artist created some amazing looks while paying homage to each decade of beauty from the 1930's to 2000's. After much consideration, the judges picked three of their favourites - Karen Leong, Elma and Naoki Chu. The top three the had to transform their models' looks to one that is the French effortless chic in just about 10 minutes.

Karen Leong went for a flawless complexion, Elma toned down the eyes and went for a more brown/pink nude lips while Naoki Chu focused on making the eyes look bigger. After a second round of deliberation, Naoki Chu was announced the winner, followed by first runner-up Elma and second runner-up Karen Leong. Naoki Chu will be flown to Shanghai to attend the Lancome APAC Makeup Artist Seminar alongside Lancome's National Makeup Artist Zamri Zainol and will be awarded participation in incredible celebrity photo shoots, how-to video creation and press interviews. He will also continue to develop skills under the watchful eye of Lancome Malaysia with hopes to achieving more milestones.

L-R: Elma, Karen Leong and Naoki Chu

Zamri Zainol demonstrating French Effortless Chic

Thank you so much Lancome Malaysia for a wonderful afternoon. It was awesome getting to see the Lancome Makeup Artists in their elements!

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