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Gift With Meaning - with SK-II (including Winner Announcement)

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If the title hasn't already given it away, yes I'm talking about the up coming festive season, Christmas! It's never too early to plan for Christmas, be it parties, getaways and most important of all that meaningful something to give to those you hold most dear.

Technically I don't celebrate Christmas but hey it's the season for giving and exchanging gifts among my closest friends has been a thing since forever. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, it usually isn't but it's always something we know the other will like. One in particular that means a lot to me was given to me by one of my dearest and oldest friends that I met while I was in college. We still remember the first day we met and reminiscing about that time never gets old. We went on to further our studies in England and during one of our short breaks we took a trip to Austria and visited the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens. It's such a gorgeous place adorned in crystals. It was like being transported to a magical land. Being students and not really having so much money to splurge on anything too fancy but still determined to bring back a keepsake with us, we found necklaces with alphabet pendants decorated with Swarovski crystals. Since the trip was some time near Christmas we decided to get the necklace for each other. It wasn't just to bring back wonderful memories of our trip but also to celebrate our friendship. Since the day we met and going off to a foreign country we learnt a lot about each other, we grew up, we were there for each other through a lot of things and we also discovered that we made awesome travel partners. Although she decided to stay on and work in England while I came back to Malaysia, we have  never lost touch over the years. And as she puts it, every time she comes back for a visit or I make a trip over there, it is never awkward, it's like we just pick up where we left off. I still have that necklace and still wear it. Many years on, it's one of my most cherished gifts ever.
the necklace with the F pendant
If you guys got through that entire story, there's a little treat for you. In conjunction with the festive season, I will be giving away one SK-II Pitera Essence Set worth RM229 (the set includes the iconic 75ml, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml and a piece of Facial Treatment Mask). All you have to do is share your most meaningful gift. I will be choosing the best story. Good luck guys and thank you SK-II Malaysia for making this happen.

You have to be a follower of Chocolate Cats blog. Leave your Follower ID and Email so I can get in touch with you if you are chosen as the winner. Open to Malaysian residents only.
Contest ends: 9 October 2015 (Friday) Midnight
Winner announcement : By 15 October 2015 (Thursday)
SK-II  will also be having a #changedestiny World - Festive Edition event at Mid Valley Megamall Centre Court happening from October 5 - 11. It is to celebrate the 'Wings of Change'. Sk-II has specially curated three captivating designs for its iconic  Facial Treatment Essence bottle to celebrate the power of personal transformation and the will to change one's destiny. The designs are inspired by two of nature's most beloved winged creatures - the butterfly and the hummingbird. Drop by and find out what 'gifting with meaning' is all about.


Thank you all who entered the giveaway.
The winner is...
Nikki Ooi
Hopefully there will be more giveaway in the future. Look out for it!


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  1. Most meaningful gift. hmmm.. this is a tough one.
    I don't really celebrate anything but every year I will get something for myself as an "appreciation" of being good. (yes I have habit of praising myself. lol)
    The most meaningful gift for myself is when I bought my first flight ticket during graduation, flying to Hong Kong for a solo holiday. I had never travelled oversea by flight before that, I didn't really have extra money to do so because I am not from a rich family and didn't really have spare money to "have holiday" at all. For me, the flight ticket was not just a graduation gift for finishing my bachelor degree, but also a gift of being an independent girl who finally able to redeem her freedom to do things that she wants. I had an amazing trip in HK and since then I cannot stop going for more trips, but I never leave my family here for too long. I take care of them as a real independent girl and I am proud of myself for able to do what I want. Therefore, I think that was the best gift I received, ever!

    1. A peony never wither
      A peony with art craft paper
      A peony with pure white color
      A peony that have Peony perfume
      Everything is my favorite !
      Peony + white + art
      It represent Freda Foong ��
      my last present from my last month birthday !
      Once again
      Thank You !

  2. Hello!

    What a coincidence, the most meaningful gift that I have ever received in my life is a trip too. I was 21st years old that year and I have a RM 10k saving in my bank account, like finally. When most of the people are celebrating their big 21st birthday by having fine dining at top notch restaurant and buying branded goods for themselves, I used all of my saving to go for a 3-months-backpacker's trip in Taiwan, all on my own. During my semester break, I went to Taiwan alone with my backpack and simple luggage. I walked to different places, I stopped by at streets randomly and I met new friends in backpacker hostels. It was an amazing experience because I was an obedient girl with excellent academic results - the typical over-protected smart girl. Thus, I wanted to try something different and make a breakthrough in my life when I finally turned into 21. I was thankful that my parents approved my decision because a 3-months-journey in a foreign country is seriously no joke, not mentioning that I was alone there. My 21st year old present to myself was really meaningful to me and I'm glad that I gifted myself a memorable and unforgettable journey.

    Thank you so much for having this awesome giveaway.

  3. I do cheerish every gift given to me and I really feel special about all the gifts I get. However, the most meaningful gift of all is a random gift given by my besties without any special occasion. I believe it is expected to get gifts from your loved ones on your special day. But random gifts always makes me goes 'awwwwwww'. I once started to collect makeup and have a mini collection of it. However, I do not have any proper storage for my makeup. On one fine day, my friend surprised me by knocking my room and gave me a handmade makeup pouch to store my mini collection. I am so touched it bring tears out of me. I also cheerish every single drawings they gave to me. Both of them are crafty and all creative and full of imagination. They will write and draw using watercolour and snail mail it to my house. Who uses snail mail nowadays right? I am so blessed to have them as my friend and I will always love them unconditionally.

    1. Hi Alya,

      Could you please leave your email address within the next 24 hours.

      Thank you!

  4. My most meaningful gift was and still probably is the camera my dad gave me for a birthday a few years ago. It's meaningful because we use it to capture our precious memories for the past few years. It's seen me through birthdays and my graduation and travels. Not only do I get pleasure out of it, but my family and friends do too. Those pictures will cherished forever.

    Old follower as usual!
    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the cool giveaway Fatin!

  5. Juneci Siong

    I may not be a Christian but I strongly believe in the existant of God. I have been blessed too many times and with so many close call, it is surprising that I can make it til today. I nearly lost my Right Leg at age 2 due to a fracture turned infection. Although so many doctors have confirmed there was no hope in saving it, I finally met my saviour in a Government hospital. I am counting my lucky star for the high fever that doesn't cause me any permanent head damage, drowning that did not take my life, breast lump at age 15 that doesn't turn malignant, dengue fever that was quite serious but doesn't require an Critical Care and a car accident that left me almost unscratch. For all these, I am returning the good deed by working as a nurse. Yes, one incident during work may have left me unable to pursue my dreams but I am thankful that I am still able to feed my family. Most importantly, I must thank my mother for her unconditional love. Her perserverance in facing challenges made me the strong person I am today. I want to say be thankful for what you have today and look at things optimistically. Your life will be different.


Appreciate your comments >_<