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NARS KLCC Boutique - NARS Audacious Mascara & Kohliner

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Have you guys been to the NARS KLCC Boutique yet? It's spacious and modern featuring sharp lines with luxuriously sleek design everything that Francois Nars and Fabien Baron, of New York design firm Baron & Baron wanted in a flagship store. Apart from the luxurious marble that surrounds the entry door and display windows, the stand out feature has to be six tv display at the back of the store which runs all things Nars, as well as the led display that adds character to the space. The boutique also has an eclectic mix of objects that have inspired Nars over the years (including films, books, and photographs), to be available for purchase and rotated quarterly.

Some time last month I had the chance to just hang out at the new store and try out the latest Nars Audacious Mascara and Nars Kohliner. Now I expected the latest Nars Audacious Mascara to sweep me off my feet after reading up on the product story. It however didn't turn out as expected when I first tried it out in store, instead it gave my lashes a slightly defined look. It took me a good two weeks fiddling with the mascara to figure out that best way to apply it to enable me to achieve the effect I want.

The Nars Audscious Mascara in Black Moon, is formulated to define, amplify, give lashes 'blindsiding impact' and mesmerise. The brush is designed with over 200 molded bristles and lengthening hooks. So.. the rubber bristles, not one of my favourites but with a description like that, sure I'll give it a go. I find that there's seems to be a big gap in between bristles making it difficult to grip my lashes adequately in just one swipe. The bristles are also a bit sharper then the usual rubber bristles and I tend to poke the edge of my eye lid in an attempt to get it as close to the roots as possible. Now that's irritating. The formulation is very fluid, I dare say more on the wet side making layering a bit of a challenge.

I notice that in order to get the whole application process to go smoothly, I have to apply the fomula using the three claw like bristles at the tip of the brush and then spread it using the length of the brush. Missing the that first step will make my lashes stick together. From there, I slowly build up the intensity making sure it coats every lash. After two coats, my lashes look defined, separated and lengthened, or best described as natural everyday looking lashes. Not exactly what I was hoping for especially after two coats. I'm all about the Wow factor, that's why I wear mascara. So I continue to build it up some more and go on to four coats. I don't think I have ever needed four coats of mascara to get my lashes to where it should be. So four coats on, it has a lot more impact, a lot longer, giving it that feathered effect. It's still however missing that volume that I am looking for. For me it's still missing the extra Oomph. Despite the four coats, it didn't weigh down my lashes at all and it didn't feel crunchy either.

The reapplication after the formula has set however is easy, just in case you need extra coats for an evening out. The brush seems to glide through with ease with minimal clumping. It wears well, I didn't experience any smudging or fall out through out 9 hours of wear.

The latest Nars Kohliner in Minorque, dubbed The Intensifier is a concentrated matte-black formula that is buildable, blendable and bold. Minorque is ultra black and has been exciting to use. The creamy formula is easy to smudge and blend out especially at the lash lines. It also defines the waterline with soft precision. The kohliner can be used in so many different ways, from smoking it out and leaving a soft black definition on the lids to my favourite of building it up and smudging it to my hearts desire. It's perfect for that lived in rock chick look. As I have oily lids, an eye base it a must. Which means I didn't experience any excess smudging and it did wear well for up to 7 hours. So I can't exactly say whether or not it wears well without a base.

The Nars Audacious Mascara is great for defining, lengthening and buildable impact. Though not one that I will reach for if I'm in a rush but it's done pretty well for my lashes. The Nars Kohliner is a good pairing to the Audacious Mascara and has been fab to use.

The Nars Audacious Mascara retails at RM110, while Nars Kohliner retails at RM96 and both are available at NARS stores.

*Products courtesy of NARS Malaysia.


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