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Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask

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Leave on masks are really doing wonders for my skin right now! Despite the fact that I really haven't been getting enough sleep, my skin is looking good. Obviously not a substitute for sufficient sleep, but it's really helping at the moment. Bobbi Brown recently introduced their first ever, good-for-you masks - Radiance Boost, Skin Nourish and Instant Detox. I was kindly sent Skin Nourish first, which I have been using regularly  and am definitely loving it. Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish is enriched with powerful moisture magnets which instantly quenches dry skin with sustained moisturisation for a smoother, plumper look.

It features a unique Triple Emulsion Texture which delivers a sustained multi-layered release of texture with a rich, moisturised feel. It also helps to plump, smooth and nourish skin instantly and over time with the support of ultra-quenching ingredients. Coral Grass, a hydrating aquatic herb that helps distribute moisture, a hydrating hydro herb, Salicornia and Trehalose. Chlorella Extract, a nature super green algae, helps increase natural collagen production, while Muru Muru Butter further skin's natural moisture barrier, reducing the appearance of fine dry lines. In no time, skin appears more luminous and revitalised.

The mask has a creamy texture with a subtle fresh scent. This is actually a leave on mask, which seems to be a trend with masks lately, I'm assuming taking its cue from the Korean style 'sleeping mask' as it does intensely hydrate the skin. So what you do with the Skin Nourish Mask is, apply a liberal amount, although I don't think you need very much, and allow to absorb for two to five minutes, then tissue off excess. Gently massage the remaining mask to the skin. I used this after toner and then continue with my usual routine.

I was impressed when I noticed a difference only after one use. My skin feels better moisturised and soft in the morning. I tried using it three times a week as suggested for two weeks and my skin just felt nourished and more plump. I noticed that makeup went on so smoothly as well. If you have oily skin and think that this mask might be a bit too rich, well it has managed to balance out my skin. Definitely one that I reach for often since I got it.

You can also mix and match the new masks to achieve different results. I tried the Radiance Boost + Skin Nourish and my skin felt refreshed and plump the next morning. Mixing Instant Detox + Skin Nourish makes my skin feels rejuvenated.

Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask retails at RM177 and is available at all Bobbi Brown outlets.

*Product courtesy of Bobbi Brown Malaysia.

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