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Miu's Kiehl's Super Birthday Party!

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Behold the Fly Devil (Me)! Yeah I know it sounds more like a name of a super villain. Well I'm in the middle between good & evil. Perpetually torn..

It was a cross between a mini Comic Con &  a Masquerade Party at Kiehl's One Utama yesterday. I must say the 20 lucky super heroes picked by Super Miu & Kiehl's were a bunch of super vain ones. If there were truly some saving to be done, it would've been that easy to distract them. Forget the world! Forget the Damsel! Just pose for the cameras! Lol.. It was all in good fun to fête Super Miu & Super Acai Berry.

Super Acai Berry to the rescue!

Pose first, Save later..

Food first! Yay! Kiehl's never fails to feed us well. The food was good.. and then there was CAKE! for Super Miu & a fellow January super hero, Abby.. 


Look! There! My cake! ;p

Glorious Food

There was face painting by Stacey. I had stars & Acai Berry painted on to my left jaw/cheek. Looking at her art work on me & some of the other super heroes she's really creative.

Super Miu & Stacey

Baby Girl gettin her 'Pow!' on..

I got Inked..

Super Mom in the chair..

Now this is an interesting sight..
(Lucky the cleaner didn't see this one.. lol..)

It was only by about 7pm the super heroes gathered. While mingling & comparing super powers, Nadia & Yvonne conducted a Q&A session. We were showed a short presentation on what Super Acai Berry was all about, it's benefits & how it can battle the harmful effects of pollutants that may harm the skin which will contribute to making vain super heroes' skin look super younger to keep on posing for the cameras. Super heroes then battled it out to give the answers & of course winning deluxe sized products from Kiehl's.

Trying super hard to enjoy the food & super concentrate at the same time..

As at any costume parties there is bound to be prizes for best costume. You simply can't deny the winner this time. Super Mom (Kit)! Her costume was really creative with kitchen utensils & water bottle sewn on to her apron which had her name on it. Second was Super Nerd (Waternymph). Consolations went to Cat Woman (Doroshi) and Pirates of the Carribean - who could either have been Captain Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swan (Taysir).

Grand Prize : Super Mom

Consolation : Captain Jack/Elizabeth Swan

Consolation : Cat Woman

Kiehl's wonderful offer for the evening was buy 2 items from the Acai Berry range & get a pouch free. Lurv the pouch! So cute. Even asked Nadia if they sold it individually. "No", she said. My hopes dashed. For purchases more than RM100, you get RM10 off. Also if your bring in 3 empty Kiehl's bottles, you get a deluxe sized one in return.

Gimme gimme!

Hmm.. Wonder what those two are up to?
I would know, I was in on it too.. ;p

Super heroes then went on through the evening posing tirelessly for cameras & indulging in some retail therapy not only from the Acai Berry range but also from the rest of Kiehl's.

Super Buaya Wing & The Fly Devil

Killer poses!

We shall set sail tomorrow..

Abby & The Fly Devil

Jean & The Fly Devil

Save me!

Zezo & The Fly Devil

Super Heroes in disguise.. Looking ordinary..
Wing, Sexy Mummy, Pigita, Doroshi

Off to save the world in style..

I just couldn't resist the moose & the heart-shaped pillow.. :P

Kiehl's, bravo for yet another awesome party. Would've lurved to see Mr. Bones in a cape & mask. To the fêted ones, for she's a jolly good Miu! And it's a jolly good Acai! Salud!

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  1. Ooo...nice post! Still going through my pics. Man, I missed lots didn't I! So much for leaving "early".

  2. hahahahah.

    the picture we took dekat the plant mmg killer pose, girl!!!

    i'm gonna steal some pictures off you yeah!! and i blogged abt it too, come and see if ada any pictures you want, i can email it to you!

    p/s: us geeks kena stick together. i love taking pictures of slides too hahahahahahah (bocor rahsia)

  3. Abby: Thanx.. :) I never plan to leave early anymore at parties.. lol.. Let me know when you've posted yours k..

    Kit: Haa.. Laugh at me some more taking pics of slides.. Hahaha.. That's our best picture yet! Lol! Feel free to take pics from the post.. I'll check out yours.. :)


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