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Happy Birthday Jatz!

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Happy Birthday To You..
Happy Birthday To You..
Happy Birthday To Jatz..
Happy Birthday To You!

It was my bro's Brithday yesterday (6/1). Shall not mention his age since neither of us are that young anymore. Lol.. Had lunch at Sogo's Japanese Restaurant. The food is really good and reasonably priced.

Chocolate cake *drool*
Guess who finished the cake.. Clue: Not the Birthday Boy! ;p

This is what I ordered.. I think it's called Nabeyaki Udon..
It was light and the soup was good - RM18

Chicken Tepanyaki Set - RM28
Chicken was tender & flavourful, Sprouts crunchy just nice..

Mini indoor garden

The jelly looked pretty.. Just had to..

Since I can't get you one of those fancy racing cars or lots & lots of money, my present to you this year is this post to commemorate your Birthday by. Yeah I know I'm an amazing sis, you don't have to tell me.. Lol! Big Hugzzz!

Elvis Presley aka The King : 8th January (Capricorn)

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