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5 Minutes With Another Barrista
Managed to hunt down another one.. Yes, I am there too often..


So difficult to take picture of/with this guy.. He can't seem to sit still..


How long have you been working @ SFC?
6 years (!) (OMG, thats freaking long!)

Your first outlet?
Lot 10. Transferred to KLCC 2/08. Latest transfer - Menara MBF early 05/09. Transfered back to KLCC 09/09.

How is it like working here?
Enjoys it.. somtimes.. It has it highs & lows. But its generally fun. He dreads paperwork! (Who doesn't.. ;p)

Customer experiences?
Difficult - Customers that don't speak fluent English. It makes it difficult to understand. (Arrepentido pero yo no hablo ingles.. Hehe)

Interesting - Friendly customers, talkative & curteous.

Have you ever hit on a customer?
Nope. (Why do I find this difficult to believe..)

Has a customer ever hit on you?
Once a caucasian guy asked him if he was single! (Whaaaat!? Errkk! Lol!! At first I wasn't sure if he was being serious.. Apparently he was..)

How long do you plan to stay on @ SFC?
Until he gets bored. *Laughs* (I thought 6 years was long enough.. lol..)

That's it for now with my hunting down Barristas episode.. I might scare them all off if I continue..

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