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IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign

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I have never heard of IDI-Italy 1858 until recently. It was introduced in Malaysia by 10B International. What caught my interest was that in developing its products, IDI draws from the expertise of doctors and dermatologists. This is a huge plus point for me. Having heard that they were holding a Super Fan Campaign and with some encouragement, I sent in my horrifying bare-faced picture along with my skin concerns. This campaign runs from January 2010 through to March 2010.

Since they were only looking for 3 participants from 3 skin types (acne,dry and sensitive) I did not expect to be chosen. A week later I received a mail asking me to come for an interview with the IDI Nutritionist at their office in Plaza Vads, TTDI. Juliana, the IDI Nutritionist, was very friendly, explained to me about the brand and went on to analyse my skin. I have combination, acne-prone skin with uneven skin tone due to post acne scars. The acne growth concentrated around my chin area shows that I may have some problems with my ovaries. She advised me to eat more fruits and vegetables and also to add more protein in my diet. Perhaps to include multi-vitamins in my diet as well. At the moment I'm already eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. I'll give the multi-vitamins a try though.

Juliana then prepared a bag full of products for me. I didn't even realised I was chosen. Well, yay! IDI-Italy 1858 skincare routine includes the the basic -Cleanse 1, Correct 2, Care 3 and Treat 4. The amount of products coming out of the bag seemed endless. It finally stopped at 8. There is one more product that I have to pick up this week, which makes it 9!

She went on to explain to me how to use the products and what they are suppose to do for my skin. In fact I started using the products on the spot. Ching, the IT guy then took a bare-faced picture of me then did the video session. Oh how I dread bare-faced pictures!

I did ask if there would be any side effects by using the products. I was told that I may have minor breakouts. This is quite normal as the products are working towards cleansing the impurities from within.

IDI has developed skincare products in 4 series, namely:

- 1.0 [one] oily/acne skin
- 2.0 [two] normal/combination skin
- 3.0 [three] dry skin
- 6.0 [six] sensitive skin

For my problemed combination skin Juliana did a 'mix and match' with the products. So I got:

- 6.10 [six] DermGentle Cleansing Milk
- 6.11 [six] DermGentle Cleansing Lotion
- 2.10 [one] DermGentle Facial Cleanser
- 3.20 [three] DermReviv Moisturising Cream
- 1.21 [one] DermClene Soothing Cream

In providing targeted treatments to complement the above, IDI also has a Lab [pro/med] series suitable for all skin types. I received 4 out of 5 products from this series. I was told by Juliana this range costs around RM220. Omg! From this range I got:

- Lab 0.20 [pro] TriAction Age Defender Cream (To be collected)
  - For my aging skin
- Lab 0.22 [pro] ClariAction Lightening Cream
  - For my post acne scars
- Lab 0.30 [md] UltraAction Protection Cream
  - For my outdoor excursions
- Lab 0.31 [md] MultiAction Mask
  - For my fine lines & to restore suppleness

As part of the campaign my blog link will be on IDI's Facebook. Follow me as I embark on my Super Fan Campaign for younger looking (keeping my fingers crossed for, acne-free, even-toned skin! And remember to click on "Like" for my posts and updates for me to stand a chance in winning 1 year's worth of IDI products. :)

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  1. Wow!! the products u got totally mix arr!!

  2. I think coz my skin is confused.. Just like my ovaries.. lol

  3. mine is mixing oso, but most on dry and normal.Fatin! I found your blog!!
    added u in my blog-list!


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