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Converse - Chuck Taylor All Star

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It was ages ago since my last pair of Converse. It was the skater looking type, black with brown bits on the side. Cushiony & quite comfortable. Practically lived in it.

Last month I had the sudden urge to get myself another pair. This time the Chuck Taylor All Star low tops. As I embarked on my hunt I realised that it was rather difficult to find my size. Forget about looking for it at the Converse stand alone stores because they were out of the smaller sizes and only the larger sizes were on display.

Midvalley Outlet

Me: As I went to the shop assistant with the shoe I wanted, " Do you have this in...". Didn't even get to finish my question.

SA: "Oh finish already."

Me: Picked up another colour. "....." Didn't even get to ask.

SA: "Also finish."

Me: What was at the tip of my tongue, "Kalau size semua dah habis you bukak kedai buat apa? Jual badan ke?"

No I didn't say it. Wish I did cause it was getting annoying. Then it dawned on me.. it's school holidays that's why a lot of the sizes are gone. Its gotta be those kids! Converse is popular amongst teens & young adults and here I am trying to recapture my youth during school holidays. What was I thinking.

Just as I decided to wait for new stock to come in I came across Three Point Six at OU on Saturday. Maybe it was meant to be, they had my size! Just not in the colour I wanted. Was really hoping to get them in grey but settled for navy instead for RM99.90. Yay!

They're definitely not as comfortable as trainers or my previous cushiony kind but they look so freaking good with jeans! It's great if you're going for the urban look. Plus you can pair it with almost anything. But be warned it's not suitable if you're planning to do a lot of walking (due to the non-cushioned rubber soles) only if you're planning on looking good. Lol!

I suddenly feel inspired to come up with outfits Converse style.. For you babes that don't do heels much, wait for this.. *wink*

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