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Kiehl's Hot Acai!

By 22:09 ,

The Acai range is gonna be SUPER HOT! MUY CALIENTE! I can't wait to get my scrawny little hands on them. For a chance to be among the first few to grab the Acai range as a masked superhero or better yet, spandex of any colour (cape optional), at Miu's Berry Birthday Party click here, yes here!

Terms & Condition of Super Fan Contest:

- your follower ID:
- your e-mail:
- your blog link to comic strip

1. Create a comic strip from and blog about it.
2. If you don't have a blog, you can e-mail your comic strip to
3. Contest starts 9/1/10 & ends 13/1/10 2.00pm. Results will be out on 13/1/10 night.
4. The best 20 comic strips will be invited to attend this party by e-mail.
5. Come with a mask or costume. The best dressed superhero costume will win a PRIZE!

My comic strip was inspired by Wolverine's yellow spandex, oldskool comics & Paris Hilton's infamous "That's Hot!" phrase..


Invite me pleeaase.. My tired, old, scarred skin needs to be reborn. Only Hot Super Acai can save me now.. Either that or Peter Petrelli in spandex.. Lol!

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  1. good luck Fatin!!
    its gonna be a cat fight~~

    hehe our comic strip is pretty similar ** cliche especially some caption we used the same wordings lol

    did we read the same hero comics?

    following ya!


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