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FatiN's Coffee Place Pick

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Big Starbucks fan ages ago. Went there too often when I was studying. That 1 particular year I even started getting free coffee/hot chocs/food from one of the Barrista's just because he fancied one of my mates. Figured he could get to her through me or get me to convince her to go out with him or something, freaking dellusional but no complaints it was my gain. All those free drinks & food! This wasn't in KL or Malaysia by the way ;p.

However after a few unpleasant experiences with Starbucks KLCC, I vowed never to go there again (or at least to the outlet on the 3rd Floor Ramlee Mall). The Barristas there were appallingly rude and down right unfriendly perhaps even hostile!! Apparently wearing the Starbucks uniform made them think that they were indestructable or something. Seriously people you just work there you DON'T own the place.

I knew then I had to look for a new place to have tea & nibbles, or coffee or hot choc. That's when I found San Francisco Coffee Co. (SFCC) @ KLCC.

San Francisco Coffee

2 years & a few months on, I've decided to do have a chat with the Barristas there. Always smiling, always so accommodating. And no I don't get free drinks there.. :(

5 Minutes with a Barrista


29 (He looks younger though..)

How long have you been working at SFC?
2 years 3 months (Hey that's about the same time I started going there..)

Your first outlet?

How is it like working here?
Enjoys working here. The environment is great. But can be exhausting. Its a normal 8 hour shift with 1 hour lunch break, but imagine doing it standing! When you have to do the morning shift it starts at 6.30 am. Some people are still sleeping.

Have you had interesting/difficult/wierd customers?
Interesting - Friendly customers. Ones you can chat with. It makes it all the more fun. Though its amusing when he gets the customer's names mixed up.(Indra said the whole situation of me interviewing him is interesting as it is the first time this has ever happened to him. Not surprising, looking at the way I ambushed him for this session. Lol!)

Difficult - Customers who are super fussy and keep changing their order in the few minutes they are at the counter. (Even I get annoyed with those.)

Have u been hit on by a customer?
Hmmm... Not sure.

Have u hit on a customer before?
No (Like I believe that..*Smirk*). I'm just friendly.

Hunting down another one now.. lol..

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  1. so far i have pleasant experience in all coffee houses, but my fav is coffee bean (not really for the service) but becoz im weird, i luv black forest! my sis said it slike dinking a cake lol

    xoxo elle

  2. it is like drinking cake.. but i like it too.. it's different from the rest of the coffe drinks.. :)


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