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Cupcake Workshop - Part II

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More Cupcakes! This time with fondant icing. Organised by Nuyou together with Cake Connection last Wednesday 3/2/10 at Jaya One.

My Cupcakes with Fondant

Pigita, Strange me with Kitty ears, Doroshi, Miu, Wing

Ever wondered how much effort is put into doing one tiny figurine, say of a duck. Well for someone who is not all too creatively inclined when it comes to shaping 2D or 3D shapes/characters/figurones, it is one heck of an effort. Me me me!

Remember how I said last weeks workshop, working with buttercream fun, calming and therapeutic, this week's working with fondant was challengingly fun.

Nancy kicked off this session by introducing Fondant. Then went on to pass around a small ball of chocolate fondant, which is more expensive than the white one, for all to try! Omg! It tasted so good! I had this picture in my head, of me munching on it while sitting in front of the tele. Side tracking.. Oops..

Nancy's fondant

Shaping 2D
The Baby Face - Apart from the pacifier handle and bit of hair, it moslty included rolling out the fondant into a falt piece, cutting the desired shape and placing it on the base with glue (edible gum powder). A gourmet pen is used to draw the bits the need drawing.

My Baby Face
Shaping 3D
Bottle & Pacifier - One of the more simpler ones. It only required shaping into a basic shape and putting it together.

Baby with Blankie - This required more parts. I suppose this one was slightly more tedious than anything. Did not attempt this one either.

Ducks In Water - A bit tough! Start with the base, using a blue coloured fondant with marbled effect. Then prepare the body, head, wings, beak and eyes. The body required a bit more shaping. Use gourmet pen for the eyes. My poor ducks turned out looking a bit strange!

My strange looking Ducks In Water

How the ducks are suppose to look like..

The tediousness of working with fondant makes it very time consuming. The 3 hours allocated for this session felt rather rush as a lot of the participants worked super fast to complete their fourth.

But it was still a fun experience tapping in on one's creativity. It would be incomplete for me not to attempt a Cat. Thought a 3D version was too ambitious, so I settled for a 2D one. Though I ran out of ideas and time for my last cupcake and ended up doin a 2D "F". 

2D "F"

My fave out of the 4 I made!
(Despite the fact it's terribly simple..)

My strange Kitty Face & Doroshi's Lil Piggy
(Notice they are the same colour..)

Look! Cupcake Kitty Cousins!

Pigita's & Mine

Appreciating fondant icing a lot more now!

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  1. fatin, your ducks look a bit strange...hmmm....slim like u...hahaha!!

  2. hehe..nice workshop..but I still prefer the first class..

  3. cia wei : Hahaha! I just realised.. My ducks not enough food..

  4. Jean : Me too.. Buttercream was more relaxing..


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