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Lancome 75th Anniversary Roadshow

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Dropped by Lancome 75th Anniversary Roadshow at KLCC Concourse earlier. Nice set up! I didn't stay long though but managed to get my 3 piece door gift. All you have to do is 'Tour the Lancome Castle'. Just approach one of the SA to do this. Get your voucher and collect 3 stamps which includes one each for, a mini make over, go through a skin analysis and then test their parfumes. Upon completion you will get a door gift. The roadshow at KLCC runs from 2/3-8/3.

Make Up Wing of the Castle

Rows of promotional sets available

3 piece door gift -
Sample size Magnifique Eau de Parfum
Repositioning Serum 3ml
Overnight Repositioning and Firming Cream 3ml

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  1. sounds fun...
    and their booth was pretty~~~

  2. hurry and go get the samples! ;)

  3. hey, how come you didnt get a pouch?

    I saw a lady got the samples and a sweet pink pouch on fb from the lancome roadshow.

    Did you go "late"???

  4. Don't tell me there was already a q at 10am.. I must find out.. I want pink pounch.. :P


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