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+Wondermilk Cafe

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The first thoughts that came to my mind when I walked into this place was quirky, cosy, different!

+Wondermilk Cafe
- 41 jalan ss 21/1A damansara uptown 47400 petaling jaya
- 03-77258930 /


Reminds me off a kids' party.. Lurv the star light!

And those are for sale..

Yes that's the loo.. :p

I found this sign in the loo.. Thought it was funny..

You can't miss the mis-matched furniture & the decorations on the wall. There are pieces of pretty fabric stretched on embroidery hoops, paper cups for cupcakes strung through and hung on the wall, framed old pictures, toys.

What they have:
Wondermilk - Milk with choice of variety of Monin syrups, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Caramel, Macadamia, Irish Cream; Coffee - Latte, Mocha, Chocolate drinks, Sandwiches, Baked Potatos, a selection of Cuppacakes & Cookies.

What I ordered:


Latte RM7 - Just nice. Mild.

Mocha RM7 - Really good. Generous with the chocolate syrup. Good balance between coffe & chocolate.

Wondermilk with Irish Cream RM6 - I dont have a picture of this. Nothing to show anyways since its just milk. Flavoured milk is rare here, something different. Irish cream was non-alchoholic. There was just enough taste of the irish cream to it. Not at all overpowering. The milk had a comforting feel to it. It smelled yummy.


Chicken Honey Mustard RM12.90 - Marinated chicken breast & melted cheese with homemade ranch dressing on multigrain bread with light serving of honey mustard. A bit more honey mustard would have been great. Chicken was tender, not dry. Salad was fresh. Served with crisps. This sandwich makes a great healthy snack.


Chocolove Orange Cupcake RM4.50 - Cupcake texture is light slightly moist. I can actually taste and smell the 'orangeyness'. Chocolate topping is rich, good quality & great balance. A bit small for the price but I suppose you are paying for quality chocolate! There are orange bits at the botom of the cupcake! Suprise!


Pineapple Cheese Bar

I rather liked this. There is bite to it, crumbles nicely. The pineapple filling was good, not too sweet. The cheese drizzled on top just complemented the whole pineapple bar concept.

Would I go back?
Yes! Am liking the concept and the food. Look out for their set lunches, it's well worth it.

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