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Review: IDI-Italy 1858 3.30 DermRevive Hydrating Cream

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STEP 4: 

3.30 [three]
DermReviv Hydrating Cream

Care : 3.30 [three]
(Highlighted in red box)

Hydrates & protects against all type of dry condtions

Morning & Night



- emollient-rich & fragrance-free
- hydrates & protects against all types of dry conditions
- promotes cell regeneration
- re-captures skin's youthful glow

Instruction for Use

Apply over skin after cleansing & conditioning. Massage gently for optimal results.

I say

I found it strange at first that I was given a product meant for Dry Skin. According to Juliana at the time I was given the products they had ran out of 2.20 [two] DermSential Moisturising Cream which I think would have complemented the 2.10 [two] DermSential Cleansing Foam. I was given this one as it was similar to the 2.20.

1) The texture is sightly thick. Well.. it is meant for dry skin after all.

2) I squeeze out only a small amount. As I have combination skin, too much of this cream on my t-zone and chin area might cause it to appear slighty shiny (In other words, disastarous!).

3) I apply a few dots on my face to ensure even application and massage upwards.

4) I am not too sure about the 'youthful glow' bit but my cheeks feel better hydrated since I started using this cream. Bye bye peeling bits.

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