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TEA PARTY for ChocolateCats' Readers!!

By 22:47

I will be hosting a Tea Party just for you, my readers who read my strange insights into all things me! (Excuse me for being so perasan.. lol!) I would love to invite everyone but due to budget constraints I can only invite a few. So for this Tea Party I will be picking 8 of my readers to join me in this incredibly mad affair!

And yeah, I just got caught up with the whole Alice in Wonderland thing. Since its been ages ago I hosted a Tea Party, figured it is a perfect time to have one.

Date :  20th March 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 5 - 7pm
Place : Somewhere Nice!
Dresscode : Pretty / Strange / Costume (Optional)

It will be great fun with loads of yummy food, games and prizes.

You just have to answer a simple question:

Why do you want to attend ChocolateCats' Tea Party?

1) You have to be my Follower. Click on "Follow".
2) Leave your Follower Id, Email and Answer.
3) Blog about it and increase your chances to be invited. Leave your blog link.

Follower Id :
E-mail :
Answer : Because it will be ridiculously wild! Lol!
Blog : 

Ends : 18/03/10 Thursday 11pm

Invitees will be announced soon after.

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  1. 20 Mar 5pm...hmmm, I got Neutrogena workshop which will be ended 5pm at the Garden MV.
    Fatin, May I know where the venue for yr tea party?

  2. ID: Pigita
    Email: As Usual

    Answer: I want to attend the tea party so that I can meet a talking cat and eat stuff that will hopefully shrink my size!!

  3. Cia Wei: Tea Party will be near KLCC area.. :)

  4. Here is my entry:
    ID: Ciawei
    Answer: I want to attend the tea party because I wish to meet some new friends with same interest and also eat for free!!! :0)

  5. Hi Fatin,

    I've put this in my Blog too..

  6. Follower ID : arwern
    Email :

    I look forward to be at the tea party in anticipating for the fun & an opportunity to meet the "Chocolate Cats ".

  7. ID: Zoe

    Answer: wanna get some new friends and chat wif u gals~~~

  8. Sorry dear, my internet line was off tis day, hope am not too late for tis.

    ID: Doroshi
    Answer: I wan to attend the tea party so that i can dress as Alice and meet some mad ppl!!

  9. ID: Jean
    Email: purplewardrobe[at]gmail[dot]com

    Answer: Just want to see you again~~hehehe..

    Since I have two workshop on the same day (till 5pm), why not make it till night?? but will be a bit late to your party I think..


Appreciate your comments >_<