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Chocolate Cats' Tea Party!

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Saturday, 22/03/10 at 630pm - FatiN demonstrating a wierd dance in a public place! All in good fun! Thanks loads to Nick, Jatz, Pigita, Doroshi, Cia Wei, Zoe, Jean, Ai Leen and Po Leen for making this happen despite minor glitches. I mean the Tea Party, not the wierd dance. Lol!

The run up to the Tea Party was ridiculous. I wasn't even sure if anyone could make it. Two days before I was running around like a headless chicken sorting out venue, food bits, games and prizes. It's a good thing everything came together just in time. I decided to host my Tea Party at Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe.

And a huge thank you to Pigita for sponsoring a prize for the Wierd Dance contest, a 90 minute full body aromatherapy massage and Aizat for sponsoring a Meal Voucher to dine at Bar Madrid (I hear the pork ribs are good!). But wait.. Everyone went home with a prize!

Sharing with you guys some pictures of the party in motion.

My Guest of Honour - Sylvester!

Oh such fluffy cheeks!

Eat Me Cupcakes!

Eat Me Pastries!

Some of the food..

Lovely Ladies & Cat.. :)

Trivia Time
Mostly on Alice and bits on my blog

Pigita won the Meal Voucher from Bar Madrid

Wondering what's the fuss...

I made them pin the grin on Chessy..

Spin them around 3 times..
It looks like Cia Wei might pin the grin on Pigita on this picture.. lol..

Prize for Jean for being nearest to the original grin..

Evil me also made them do their version of the Futterwaken!
(Doroshi manage to take a picture of me demonstrating it on her FB.. lol!)

I judged the wierd dance contest with Sylvester..

And the Winner for the Wierd Dance contest is...

(Picture taken from Doroshi's FB)

Jatz, Me, Ai Leen & Po Leen

8pm: Everyone was still sitting around chatting..

One more group pic for the road :)

And yes those are Gloria's ears.. :P

Thank you all for coming and I hope you guys had fun! I foresee another small get together in the future.. ;)

Check out Doroshi's and Jean's blog for more pictures.. :)

*Note: You guys are welcomed to use any pictures from here.. :)

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  1. the game name is "pin the grin...", not "stick the smile.."~
    upload those photos to ur fb album and tag me!!!!^^

  2. Sherry : The Wierdest dance was more funny.. lol..

  3. Jean: Hahaha.. Both also can laa.. Will upload and tag soon..

  4. And I want to put on record, your brother and your bf are the BEST!!

    Sporting and supportive GENTLEMEN!!

  5. The Tea Party was fun!!

    Thank you for the invitation and I won the BEST price of the food voucher at Bar Madrid (at JayaOne).

    We are definitely having the ribs - it's fabulous and highly recommended!!

  6. Fun fun fun tea party n i love it! :) Thks Fatin for hosting it! :) Love the prizes!!

  7. Fatin,
    OMG, aiyo!!! my dance....I din realize that somebody took the pic..

    anyway, I've posted the party on my blog:


  8. Pigita: Cannot tell them.. If not they over perasan! lol..

    And hooray for ribs!!

    Doroshi: I like your prize too!!

  9. Cia Wei: Thanx.. :) Don't worry Doroshi took a pic of me doing the dance too.. lol..

  10. Fatin,
    Haha...if next time we are ask to dance, u must accompany us to dance lo...

  11. Ya!! The weidest dance..i was dancing all alone!! LOL so am mad enuff to able to get pass to Miu's Mad Hatter's party hopefully hahah

  12. why...the weird dance ... me inside ...1?

    i jz posted tis party in my blog too, and my fren like it ^^ haha
    and oso copy photos frmur fb dy, kekeke


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