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Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

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Fancy a spot of tea love?

Tea Party by Smokehouse

Hooray for Tea Parties!!

The Smokehouse is throwing Miu & 9 food bloggers @ followers of Plusizekitten a Tea Party. Click me to be apart of it.

Why FatiN @ ChocolateCats should be at the Tea Party:

1) I am the definition of FUN! And "Mad" is just one of my many middle names.

2) When it comes to fashion, I make my own statement.

3) Good food is something I love but DESSERTS are my forte. I believe "Tea Time" should be the only meal five times a day! I keep complaining it is so difficult to find good cakes, pies, tarts and desserts of sorts. I dare you to invite me over and prove me wrong. You can find food reviews scattered about my blog. Feel free to browse.

4) It will be great to meet and share thougts with fellow foodies. :)

5) Camera: Not only is my camera good.. it's BRILLIANT! ;)

Believe me when I say, inviting me over is one of the best things you can do.. :)

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