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Curls & A Little Green Apple

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After the yummy  Pepper Lunch I had with Miu yesterday, we quickly ran back to KLCC to catch the Kiehl's boy at the new  Kiehls outlet at the LG floor that just opened on 1/06/10, Tuesday. It's definitley much bigger than the outlet they have in Isetan. Dressed up as the Statue of Liberty it made for a really good photo oppurtunity. They were also giving out cotton candy! Yay! Sugar High!

New York came to KLCC!

Then I quickly rushed off to catch the Showdown 2010 roadshow at Sungei Wang. The crews performed their set from Wednesday's live show. Still so cool to watch even for the second time. I sound like such a groupie. Lol!

Famous Crew

Bboy Juicy - GBC Yaww!

Since I still had some time I decided to get my hair washed at my usual place. Okay I was feeling lazy to wash my hair, isn't it just easier to get someone else to do it.. :P I normally get them to blow dry it straight coz it's much easier to manage and tie it up, but the stylist says it's boring and did curls instead. One of those rare times I walked around with curls after. Kimarie charged me RM25 for this. Not bad huh.. :)

If only my hair could look like this everyday.. *sigh*

Walked around Sungei Wang for a bit with my left eye covered by my fringe. It was quite difficult to see! It's surprising how I manage to spot this cute green apple. I'll tell you more about it in my next post on this cute lil thing..

In the mean time, keep on guessing.. ;)

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  1. U look hot!!! Learn and practice how to do ur hair like tat everyday! :)

  2. Reow reow :-)

  3. Doroshi: it takes a lot of time.. but u're right, i have to pratice.. :)

  4. Anonymous: You're a strange one.. lol!

  5. lovely lovely I LIKE!!

  6. Pigita: the apple or the curls? lol! thanx.. :D

  7. thats really nice curls!!! rm25??? unbelievable, coz the job looks millions..i love classic curls like that ^^

    xoxo elle

  8. thanx elle!
    i lurv em too.. :D

  9. GBC! GBC! GBC! almost got eliminated twice in a row... why lahh they jatuh std ;( soul krazy out, me so sad :..( sob sob

  10. it's really sad soul krazy is out.. sob.. but the judges will never let GBC go out.. they'll be in the finals yaww!!

    miu is gonna support HMC Phlow starting now.. lol!

  11. u support which crew? mine is GBC larr... lol!

  12. OMG.

    tell me your lipcolor now now now!!

    i LIKE that color!!!!


    and oh your hair, woman... cantik sangat!!

    nak color rambut la camni.

    maybe you should make one of these pics as your profile on blogspot/google?

  13. kelly: still hoping BSB can hold on!

  14. kit: thanx loads!! ^_^

    maybe i put the curls side for profile .. i like that bit..

    my colour & highlights were only RM135 @ Times Square.. its seriously cheap that's why i couldn't resist.. :p

    you're a lippie addict aren't you kit.. ;) the one i have on is a lip shine from Bobbi Brown in Brandy.. not sure if they still have it, bought mine a while back & it's finishing.. :( i lurv the colour!

  15. eh eh eh so cheap you buat your hair.

    nanti pm kat FB where ek.

    ohhhh. yeah i'm a lippie addict. lip shine at BB eh? ok nak gi cari lepas gajiiiiiiiiii


    thank you dear. and yay!! you put that gorgeous pic of you as your profile.

    i really do hope someone pics you up as a model. you have the figure and the face for it!

  16. awww kit thanx so much!! :D

    but i dont look "young & fresh" anymore.. lol

    and i'll PM you the details of the place later tonite.. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<