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A Simple Parcel!

By 21:16 ,

The pos laju guy came looking for me yesterday morning. A parcel! Was I expecting it?? Yesss... lol!!

Though I felt like ripping it open, I remained calm and unwrapped it in a civilsed manner. If not it'll look terrible in pictures.

Ooo.. Look! A box.. Heavy too..

I hear something.. It's calling my name..
No wait.. It's saying.. Eat Me! No.. Open me!

OMG! What's this?!
Ya ya a bit too dramatic with the surprised look.. :P

In tha box..
It was a bit battered but contents inside still ok..
*big smiles*

It's Simple's 50th Birthday this year!

RM220 worth of Simple products!

I was admiring this for the longest time..

My 2 favourite-test Simple products!

Now here's the story:
I entered a contest by Simple skincare a few weeks back. All I had to do was write a testimonial on why I love Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes in no more than 30 words and attach a picture on Simple Facebook Fan Page.

My testimonial & pic:
Gently cleanses and refreshes my skin anytime anywhere. Always with me. Simply loving it!

Yeah I know.. Rather obsessed with the ears..
Can't help it..

"I'd like to thank Simple for this fabulous opportunity. I would also like to thank The Cats' Ears for not getting tired of me just yet. And last but not least Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes for always being there for me.."

How'd you guys like my speech? Lol!

Thanx loads Simple! And Happy 50th Birthday! I'm Lurving Ya!

If you're not already a fan of Simple, follow them here.

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  1. OH MY GAwddd... simple-licious!!!!!! I'm also gawking at the amount of stuffs there!!!

    man u.... been getting lotsa stuffs in a hamper/box!

    nivea prize (loads there) 1 year supply deodorant
    now simple (loads)
    idi (1year)

    i need to kill u!!!

  2. miu: it's all by chance.. no gung ho intention to win.. :)

    nivea- will probably last me 2 yrs
    simple- about 1yr & a half
    idi- oh wow!

    you can't kill me yet coz you just asked me to take your pic.. lol!!

  3. thanx very much sherry! :)

  4. how can one win so many contest?!! Life isnt fair :P

  5. wah!!! so many prizes. congrats!

  6. doroshi: lol.. i didn't expect to win.. try my luck only.. :D

  7. thanx kelly! :) there's a lot of simple stuff for me to use up.. :P

  8. Hope thats not too late to gratz u fatin =)

  9. not too late cia wei.. thaanxxx! :)


Appreciate your comments >_<